Non-Profit Entities


The General Services Administration developed guidelines for DOD agencies to follow when transferring excess computer equipment to educational nonprofit organizations . Certain criteria is used to determine whether or not a nonprofit organization qualifies to receive DOD computer equipment under Executive Order 12999.

The organization must be non-profit as determined by the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c) of the United States Tax Code.


*The organization must be non-profit as determined by the Internal Revenue Service

under section 501(c) of the United States Tax Code.

*The organization must operate exclusively for the purpose of education.

*The organization must serve pre-K through grade 12 students only.


  Once your school has applied and been approved for participation in the program, it's as easy as searching DLA Disposition Services inventory for IT equipment that meets your needs, and inputting the request. If a DOD activity does not require the material during the first fourteen days on inventory, the school is designated the equipment. The school will receive call(s) from the DLA Disposition Services site and/or the Turn-In Activity to inform them that the material is available for removal and to schedule the removal. Note: The material must be removed within fourteen (14) days of notification.


To begin your registration:

1.  Send your inquiries to

NOTE:  You must use Internet Explorer to complete the forms required for the CFL program


2.  Then complete the Memorandum of Agreement by clicking the hyperlink below and return it via fax to (269) 961-5841 or it can be scanned and emailed to  

(MOA must contain printed name and signature of approving official)


The Memorandum of Agreement is a binding document that identifies the roles and responsibilities of the Government and the School. Please be sure you read and understand the terms of the MOA before submission.

  3.   Non-profit educational entities are also required to submit your Articles of Incorporation and IRS 501©3 (tax-exempt notification letter). In addition, DOD CFL staff may wish to interview the applicant via telephone and review your organization's bylaws and any amendments to your original Articles of Incorporation.


Some IT equipment requires a higher level of approval. These are generally computers with a Pentium 3 or higher processor. Because of this, this type of equipment is subject to Export Controls. If a computer is on the export control list, some educational institutions will require a Trade Security Control clearance prior to being approved. In order for Private and Parochial schools to receive these computers, applicants must complete an End Use Certificate (EUC) for review and approval.

For guidance on End Use Certificates please contact the CFL Branch at  


 4.   Applicants must submit one of the following forms of identification: US Government ID, US Passport, Valid Drivers License, State Government ID Card, Green Card, Visa, or Naturalization Papers.