Customer Impact Notices

Information contained on this page is intended to serve as a public notice to DLA Disposition Services customers advising on upcoming changes or updates to services. 


Reduced Operations

Beginning in December 2022, DLA Disposition Services locations world-wide will be implementing a staggered rollout of a new warehousing management system upgrade.

As each of our sites implements the system, our customers will experience a period of reduced operations at that location. During this timeframe, the following impacts will be noted:

Turn-in Customers

  • No scheduled appointments for property turn-in
  • Turn-in transportation requests will remain supported

Reutilization/Transfer/Donation (RTD) Customers

  • Property requisitions will continue, however requisitions will remained queued until the site resumes full operations
  • Scheduled appointments for pick-up will resume after this period
  • Customer requisitions that are eligible to be shipped will be scheduled once the site returns to normal operations
  • All property on inventory during the reduced operations will be afforded full RTD access through RTD web and available for requisitioning. There will be no physical (walk-in) screening during reduced operations, on-site screening will be available again when normal operations resume

For additional information concerning reduced operations at any DLA Disposition Services site, please use the Site Locator for contact information.

Transportation Funding Notice

Beginning October 1, 2023 DLA Disposition Services will no longer fund transportation costs accociated with the turn-in of property for disposal for any customer. DLA Disposition Services does not receive direct compensation for transportation cost, nor is it budgeted to absorb costs associated with turn-in transport. In accordance with DODM4160.21 V1, Paragraphs 5.a. (4) and 6.g. and the Financial Management Regulations (FMR) (DOD 7000.14-R) policies for Defense Working Capital Funds to collect costs of operations, all DLA Disposition Services customers must fund their own turn-in transportation expenses. 

CONUS customers that were directly impacted by the Network Optimization Initiative will continue to receive funded transportation services if they are greater than 60 miles from DLA Disposition Services location, determined by the Defense Table of Official Distances (DTOD) Program, until September 30, 2023.

Guidance for funding and scheduling transportation in the interim is as follows:

Outside 60-mile radius from a DLA Disposition Services Field Activity: Customers may utilize their internal conveyance assets or utilize their Transportation Management Office (TMO), using their own TAC, to cover any associated cost. Customers may request support from DLA Disposition Services Transportation Office.

For DOD Military Services only and on a case-by-case basis, DLA Disposition Services may agree to provide and fund transportation services for requests scheduled through the DLA Disposition Services Transportation Office Scheduler. Terms of use and DLA Disposition Services' Scheduler.

Inside the 60-mile radius from a DLA Disposition Services Field Activity: Customers may utilize their internal conveyance assets, utilize their Transportation Management Office (TMO), or request a conveyance using the Disposition Services' Transportation Scheduler . Generating Activities must fund and use their own TAC to cover any associated cost.