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DLA Disposition Services has a unique team of individuals dedicated to providing tailored support for each DOD Military Service Component with a Service Liaison. Each Service Liaison is situated near the logistics major command for each Military Service Component. Their area of expertise ranges from coordinating major divestitures to providing strategic-level disposal training and disposal solutions.

Phone: 269-223-0617

Phone: 229-255-5241

Phone: 801-719-0143 


Phone: 801-719-0143

Phone: 937-204-9976

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Call 269-961-7015 during normal weekday business hours.

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Email DispositionServicesPublicAffairs@DLA.Mil

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Disposal Services Regions

Disposal Region - Central

Providing services to the Southwest Asia area of responsibility theater of operations encompassing the countries of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.


Dave Flietstra

Battle Creek
Phone DSN:661-5888
Phone Commercial: 269-961-5888
Duty Hours: Monday-Friday 0700-1630 EST

Area Manager, Gulf States

Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
Phone DSN: 318-430-7342
Phone Commercial: 011-965-2-221-6340           
Duty Hours: 0700 - 1700 

Fax Numbers

Comm. 965-2-221-6340
ext 318-430-7922

Military Address

DLA Disposition Services Central
Bldg. T838, Zone-7
APO AE 09366

Street Address

DLA Disposition Services Central
Zone 7, Bldg T838
Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

DLA Disposition Services Field Activities

Point of Contact Area of Responsibility DSN Commercial
Chief, Disp Svcs Arifjan, Kuwait 318-430-6703 011-965-2-221-6340
Site Lead, Disp Svcs Qatar 318-437-2368  
Site Lead, Disp Svs Bahrain 318-439-8695 011-973-1-785-8695


Management Support

Point of Contact Area of Responsibility DSN Commercial
Mgmt Analyst DSD Central/AOR 313-350-8285 682-220-5182
Mgmt Analyst DSD Central/AOR 312-850-9347 269-479-6740



Point of Contact Area of Responsibility DSN Commercial
DSD Central DSD Central/AOR 312-661-4081 269-961-4081
Disp Svcs Arifjan Disp Svcs Arifjan 318-430-7024 011-965-2-221-6340



Point of Contact Area of Responsibility DSN Commercial
DSR Kuwait, Saudi, UAE, Oman, Jordan 318-430-7098 011-965-2-221-6340
DSR Bahrain 318-439-8695 011-965-2-221-6340
DSR Qatar 318-437-2368


011-718-708-0447 (Inside UAE)
011-800-018-2237 (Outside UAE


Disposal Region - Southeast

Provides service to the South Eastern part of the United States to include: Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


Becky Watson
Cell: 804-807-4971

Deputy Director

Audrey Weber
Cell: 269-589-8064


8297 Roosevelt Boulevard
PO Box 82
Jacksonville, FL 32212

Management Support
Cell: 269-589-8064

Cell: 443-679-7250

Disposal Region - Pacific

Pacific provides service to the DLA Disposition Services Pacific Region & DLA-Pacific DLA Enterprise. Gimcheon, Guam,Japan (Iwakuni, Misawa, Sagami, Sasebo & Okinawa), Thailand, and Pearl Harbor.


Faron Cordrey
Comm: 808-786-2006
DSN: 315-436-2006

Deputy Director

Hector Hernandez
Comm: 808-786-2007
DSN: 315-436-2007


1025 Quincy Avenue
Building 479, Suite 2000
Pearl Harbor, HI 96860-4512

Management Support
Comm: 808-786-2327 / 808-736-2464
DSN: 315-436-2327 / 315-436-2464

Comm: 808-786-2296
DSN: 315-436-2296

Disposal Region - Europe

Located at Kleber Kaserne, Kaiserslautern, Germany, providing services to the EUCOM and AFRICOM theater of operations. From England to Africa and from Germany to Turkey. Kaiserslautern – Germany (DSD), Kaiserslautern – Germany, Kaiserslautern – Germany (CDD), Grafenwoehr – Germany, Camp Lemonnier – Djibouti (CLDJ), Aviano – Italy, Sigonella – Italy, Rota – Spain, Molesworth – England, Incirlik - Turkey.



Les Glosby 
Comm: +49 (0)172-469-1559
DSN: (324) 206-9837


DLA Disposition Services Europe and Africa
Mannheimer Str
Kleber Kaserne, Bldg 3227 Rm 303/304
67657 Kaiserslautern Germany

Management Support


Comm: 49-631-7106-9518 / 49-631-7106-9623 / 49-631-7106-9755
DSN: 324-206-9518 / 324-206-9623 / 324-206-9755

Disposal Region - West

Located at Naval Base San Diego, DLA Disposition Services Site San Diego, the West Region provides service to the western part of the United States to include: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming. Anchorage, FairbanksBarstowLewisPendletonSan DiegoSan JoaquinTucsonHollomanSierra


Christopher Buchanan
Comm: 619-512-0519
DSN: 392-512-0519

Deputy Director

Luis Marroquin
Comm: 619-512-0518
DSN: 392-512-0518


4790 Cummings Rd Bldg 3655
San Diego, CA 92136

Management Support

Comm: 619-512-0598
DSN: 619-512-0598


Comm: 619-512-0521
DSN: 619-512-0521

Disposal Region - Northeast

Provides service to the North Eastern part of the United States to include: Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, Delaware, Rhode Island, Washington D.C., Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.


Beth Ford
Comm: 804-279-6572
DSN: 312-695-6572

Deputy Director

Cliff Serwe
Comm: 804-279-1412
DSN: 312-695-1412


Disposition Services North East
6090 Strathmore Rd
Building 60C
Richmond, VA 23237

Management Support

Comm: 804-279-6528
DSN: 312-695-6528


Comm: 804-279-3577
DSN: 312-695-3577

Disposal Region - Mid-America

Located at Ft Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas, provides service to the Central part of the United States to include: North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas: Colorado SpringsFort HoodSan AntonioFort SillFort RileyRed River.


Jessie Parisano
Comm: 210-780-4961

Deputy Director

Heath Buswell
Comm: 210-780-4960


DLA Disposition Services Mid-America
2999 Parker Hill Rd Ste 65
JBSA Fort Sam Houston, Tx 78234

Management Support

Comm:  210-780-4959/ 210-780-4963/ 210-780-5040
DSN:  392-780-4959/ 392-780-4963 / 392-780-5040


Comm: 210-780-4971 / 210-780-4976 / 210-780-4969 / 210-780-4970 / 210-780-4869
DSN: 392-780-4971 / 392-780-4976 / 392-780-4969 / 392-780-4970 / 392-780-4869