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Placing a Bid 

  • Prior to placing a bid please read the Sale By Reference July 2012 , this pamphlet describes the terms, conditions and articles contained in the sales auction
  • To bid on property carefully follow the instructions in the IFB  
  • Bids accepted via email at

Correction to a Bid 

Making corrections to bids that were placed on-line can be made via the on-line bidding page or can be faxed to the appropriate sales office conducting the sale.  The last bid received will be considered the final correct bid.  All corrections must be received by the appropriate sales office by the time set for bid opening.  

Bid Forms 

The following forms can be used for International, National, and Local sales.  Please fax or mail the required form to the appropriate office conducting the sale on which you are bidding.  It is important that the Sales Number is on the form that is submitted.


Am I required to complete an End-Use Certificate?

The End-Use Certificate, DLA Form 1822, is a bidding form where you indicate what your "end use" of the property will be, if you receive an award. It is generally required for items coded other than Demil A. The catalog entry for that item will tell you if an end-use certificate is required. The form is required for property that is controlled. For example, it may require demilitarization by the customer, or an export license should the customer desire to ship it to another country.

NOTE: The first time you bid on an item requiring end-use certification, a Trade Security Control check will be processed and can take up to 60 days. The Sales Contracting Officer (SCO) cannot award the contract until you have been cleared. During the initial clearance process, you may not be awarded an item for up to 2 months. Once you have obtained this clearance from Trade Security Controls, it is generally good for 5 years, but you still have to submit an End-Use Certificate every time one is required. Once you're cleared, subsequent awards are quicker.


What is the Statement of Intent for and why is it necessary?

Statement of Intent - DLA 2536

The Statement of Intent, (DLA 2536), is used to identify the location where material is to be delivered after award and to obtain information about that site and how the material will be used. All destination facilities are reviewed during a pre-award survey. The Statement of Intent will be closely reviewed during the Pre-Award Survey. The survey may include requesting additional information from local and Federal regulating authorities in addition to a possible on-site inspection. The DLA Disposition Services will not award material until the site has been approved. Failure to provide requested information may result in no award.

What is a Pre Award Survey?

If you are an apparent high bidder for any Hazardous Materials such as, paint, oils, fuels, chemicals, batteries, cylinders, or other related commodities, a pre-award onsite inspection of the destination facility identified on your statement of intent may be required.  A DLA Disposition Services employee, usually from a local DLA Disposition Services site, or authorized representative will arrange for and visit the destination facility. The purpose of the pre award on-site inspection is to verify that the destination facility and its employees are capable of safely storing, handling, using and recycling, if applicable, the commodities being purchased. The decision to conduct a pre-award on-site inspection is based on commodity, quantity and intended use of commodities being purchased. Additionally, depending on the nature of the business, federal, state and/or local regulatory agencies will be contacted to inquire about compliance history. Failure to allow an on-site inspection may result in no award.