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DLA News Archive

News | June 3, 2024

May - June Activities

A belated, but very grateful, thank you to all of you for taking time out of your busy schedules to join us at our DLMS Summit in Tysons, VA.  Feedback on the event, especially the conversations, has been very positive. The dialog generated over the week was exactly what we were hoping for when we designed the Summit.

Check for presentations, minutes, and actions items!


- X12 101 - August 13 at 1:30 EDT.

- How to read an X12 Implementation Convention - August 20 at 1:30 EDT.

- Advana GAMECHANGER demo - By request.

Signup for these (or training on anything DLMS) at



- ADC 1043F removes Standard Line of Accounting (SLOA) data from 842A/W Supply Discrepancy Reporting (SDR).

- ADC 1469 added reference number and date to 832N Catalog Data Support transaction.

- ADC 1457 updates Defense Logistics Manual (DLM) 4000.25 codes and business rules for SDR status updates.

- ADC 1453 updates Product Quality Deficiency Reporting (PQDR) for missing bare item materiel marking discrepancies.

- ADC 1473 updates transactions 842A/W, 842A/R, and DLM 4000.25 data elements to support data clarity in Advana. 


PROPOSED DLMS CHANGES (PDCs):  See what PDCs are currently in work or in backlog here:



- Supply - Wed, July 10 & 24 9:00-10:00 EDT.

- SDR - Thu, July 18 9:00-10:00 EDT.

- PQDR - Wed, July 10 & 24 1:30-2:30 EDT.

- DoDAAD/MAPAD - Thu, July 18 1:00-2:00 EDT.

- Finance - As required. No meeting scheduled.




F-35 In-Transit Visibility Data Enhancement: DEDSO supported the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and DLA Distribution's Transportation Office requests for clarification on authorized data points. Currently, F-35 unique item requisitions do not contain nomenclature or item cost details, the group is trying to improve in-transit visibility details by including this key information in the 856S transaction.

Warner Robins Interoperability Testing: DEDSO sent representatives to participate in interoperability testing between the DLA Warehouse Management System (WMS) and the Air Force's D035K in preparation for an upcoming “go-live” at Warner Robins AFB. During the testing DEDSO was able to assist by pinpointing system issues that were causing transaction failures due to DLMS business rule non-compliance.

Disposal Transaction Mapping: Hazardous Materiel: DEDSO met with DLA Disposition Services representatives to map DLMS data exchanges for the hazardous waste disposal process. The process mapping will provide a simple yet effective visual aid depicting hazardous waste disposal transactions facilitated by DLMS and supports documentation of system “handshakes” in the new Excess-to-Disposal end-to-end process.

Support to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): DEDSO continues its whole of government support of the FAA. In May, DEDSO provided DLMS XML schemas to update FAA systems. The XML schemas provided relate to the approved changes that added SLOA accounting data elements to logistics transactions.

DoD G-Invoicing Lead Activities: DEDSO travelled to both New Cumberland, PA and Tysons, VA, June 17-27, 2024, to lead cross functional teams through reviews of current processes to create to-be process flows in the G-invoicing environment while addressing offline ordering gaps, credit management impacts, and additional data element requirements.

DLA Hazardous Waste Process Streamlining: DEDSO worked with the DLA hazardous waste management program office to ensure that hazardous waste is removed and accurately recorded via timely automated transactional functional acknowledgements. Incorporation of the DLMS acknowledgment process reduces delays when transactions fail due to syntax rules. DEDSO expertly translated the federal 997 X12 transaction into XML schema to provide this functionality. The 997 XML is available for anyone to use.

Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) Modernization: DEDSO traveled to Battle Creek, MI, June 11-14, 2024, to streamline existing cataloging processes, create new processes, rationalize cataloging data elements, and develop new DLMS transactions to facilitate future FLIS processing. 


- DoDAAD Administrator, Richard Morrow, was recognized as one of the 2nd Quarter FY24 DLA Director’s Strategic Goals Award winners for his work with the DLA Naming Commission Working Group.

- In May, DEDSO was recognized as the DLA J6 Team Players of the Month for working creatively and collaboratively to provide improved pathways for the DoD logistics community to meet DLMS compliance and data requirements set forth in the Logistics IT Strategy.