Process Changes

DLMS standards change is the approval/disapproval and prioritization of changes to the Defense Logistics Management Standards (DLMS), achieved through DoD Component coordination and consensus, thereby promoting an integrated approach to the standardization and modernization of the DoD logistics business process. Control of changes includes documentation, justification, systematic evaluation, coordination, release, implementation, and publication. Major functions of change control are change control configuration status accounting, reporting, functional change control reviews, and baseline reviews.

DLMS Changes
Proposed DLMS Changes (PDC)  (CAC Required)
A Proposed DLMS change is received from a Component, documentation is prepared, and then distributed for comment. These are posted to the Proposed change page.

Approved DLMS Changes (ADC)
Once inputs are received and changes are made to the proposed change documentation, changes are published and distributed to the Components. These are posted to the Approved change page.