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Oct. 1, 2015

Critical Partnerships

DLA Aviation and DLA Land and Maritime are strengthening their partnerships with customers involved in the nuclear mission.

Oct. 1, 2015

Synchronizing Support

The Nuclear Enterprise Support Office was created to allow DLA to synchronize its efforts for the nuclear enterprise.

Oct. 1, 2015

History Highlights: The Nuclear Triad

History of the Nuclear Triad

July 21, 2015

‘Looking at the Military in DLA:’ July/August Loglines available

The July/August issue of Loglines magazine, “Looking at the Military in DLA,” is now available in print and online.

May 7, 2015

‘Two Continents, One Mission:’ May/June Loglines available

The May/June issue of Loglines magazine, “Two Continents, One Mission,” is now available in print and online. The issue takes an in-depth look at how Defense Logistics Agency Europe & Africa supports Defense Department operations on both continents