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Archive: October, 2016

Oct. 31, 2016

Profiles in Resiliency: Michael Watson

Resiliency is one of the Defense Logistics Agency’s five core values: Integrity, Resiliency and Diversity, Innovation, Accountability and Excellence. Resiliency is the foundation for agency leaders’ actions in support of their customers and employees. It provides employees flexibility to adapt to changing environments while achieving outstanding results.

Oct. 31, 2016

August EOM awarded to Army CW4 in Richmond

Defense Logistics Agency Aviation’s August Employee of the Month Award is Aviation’s only active duty Army Chief Warrant Officer 4, Kevin Ryan, a readiness officer for the Customer Operations Directorate.

Oct. 31, 2016

DLA, military brief clothing industry partners on warfighter support plans

The Defense Logistics Agency is able to provide uniforms and equipment to warfighters with the support of the Clothing and Textiles supply chain’s industry partners, the C&T director told those partners Oct. 19.

Oct. 31, 2016

DLA Orgs in Oklahoma City challenge each other to raise food for families

The Feds Feed Families Campaign is an annual event that runs from June through August of each year for federal government organizations to collect food for local food banks. This year, Defense Logistics Agency organizations at Oklahoma City took the campaign to next level with a "Food Fight Challenge” between DLA Aviation and DLA Distribution, both located on Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma.

Oct. 31, 2016

DLA Aviation naval representative named NAE award winner

Naval Aviation Enterprise leadership named Navy Capt. Mark Harris a winner of the Outstanding Performance Award during a NAE Air Board video teleconference Oct. 17.

Oct. 31, 2016

Will your family’s ID cards still be G2G Jan. 30? Not if issued by certain states

On Jan. 30, 2017, any license or ID card from a state or territory that doesn’t comply with the Real ID Act (and hasn’t been given an extension) won’t be accepted for access to any federal facility. And on Jan. 22, 2018, any license used to board a U.S. flight must be from a jurisdiction that complies with the Act or has an extension from DHS.

Oct. 31, 2016

DSCC Operations Center celebrates 20th anniversary

For many of the employees who arrived at the newly opened Operations Center at Defense Supply Center Columbus in 1996, it was their first time working in a high-rise building. Thousands of associates have passed through its doors in the two decades since that summer morning when it officially opened, and a group of current and former workers came

Oct. 30, 2016

Troop Support Pacific provides mobile galley to Pearl Harbor sailors

A Navy submarine crew was one of the first to enjoy fresh meals served from a new mobile galley at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam that was purchased through DLA Troop Support.

Oct. 28, 2016

Maintenance Spotlight at Dobbins Air Reserve Base

Logistics In Action: Article originally appeared on the Dobbins Air Reserve Base website — Maintenance is necessary for any long-term mission to run successfully and that necessity rings true at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Georgia. The mission of the U.S. Air Force is to fly, fight and win in air, space and cyberspace but without the hard-working Airmen who maintain the aircraft, there would not be much flying, fighting or winning.

Oct. 28, 2016

Eisenhower students meet with DLA Distribution leaders, program alumni

Students from the Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy in Washington, D.C, visited DLA Distribution Oct. 27 where they met with former graduates now serving as DLA Distribution leaders, including commanding general Army Brig. Gen. John S. Laskodi.