DLA Acquisition References

The DLA Master Solicitation for Automated Simplified Acquisitions (Part 13) is used for the solicitation of Request for Quotes (RFQ) and the award of purchase orders for automated acquisitions valued up to $150,000 for DLA Aviation, DLA Land and Maritime and DLA Troop Support.

DLA Aviation Acquisition Notices (DAANs) provide supplemental DLA Aviation specific instructions to suppliers in solicitations and awards.  DAANs may be incorporated by reference on the Continuation Page (Page 2) of solicitations and awards.  The full text of each notice is available on the DAANs website.  For contracts containing earlier DAAN versions, the full text is available on the DAANs Archive website

Public Notification of DLA Aviation Bundled Requirements as required by FAR 7.107-5(b), Notification to public of rationale for bundled requirement