Industrial Plant Equipment (IPE)

We provide machine tools for the Department of Defense maintenance facilities worldwide that are required to design, build and maintain weapons and weapon systems (aircraft, missiles, ships, tanks, etc.) and other material to support the United States defense effort.

Our Mission:

To deliver a full range of industrial plant equipment and maintenance services to all federal government agencies while providing value and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

IPE Services

The DLA Aviation Industrial Plant Equipment Services executes the machine tool acquisition mission, administration and management oversight from DLA Aviation located in Richmond, VA. We maintain the only Industrial Plant Equipment maintenance depot in the Federal Government from a facility in Mechanicsburg, PA. We have a team of highly skilled craftsman and managers dedicated to customer satisfaction in the rebuilding, retrofitting, and repair of metalworking machinery for DoD and all other Federal Agencies.

We are the Integrated Materiel Manager for the Federal Stock Group 34, Metalworking Machinery. You may access our complete listing here:

Federal Supply Class Group 34
Metalworking Machinery (PDF)


Some of the benefits of utilizing our division for your Machine Tool Industrial Plant Equipment needs are:

  • Due to Reimbursable CAT 1 MIPR regulations, funds may be marked with obligation at acceptance instead of award, this allows longer and more complex projects that cross many fiscal years depending on funds expiration regulations.

  • All accessory needs such as foundations, installation services, training, tooling, CAD/CAM computers and software licenses, post processors, work cell setup (tool storage benches, Vidmar cabinets, shrinkfit machines, tool presetters, tool/grinding wheel balancing equipment etc.), and machinery accessories (pallets, tool holders, table tooling, custom fixturing) can be included in the same contracting action. Having a single vendor on a single contract be responsible for the entire project in addition to the machinery prevents potential delays from coordinating separate entities for additional work. Utilizing a single contract that includes all necessary items also allows the full cost of the machinery acquisition to be covered with the acquisition funding instead of utilizing operational funds to cover the extra items.

  • Full acceptance inspection including accuracy and alignment testing and the manufacturing and verification of test components

  • Compliance with DFAR regulations requiring FSG 34 acquisitions to be made through our organization.


Command Title and Offices Contact Information
Chief Comm: 804.279.2396
DSN:       312-695-2396
Cell:         804.305.9703
New Procurements — Richmond, VA Comm: 804.279.2396
DSN:       312-695-2396
FAX:        804.279.6483
Maintenance Services — Mechanicsburg, PA Comm: 717.550.3303 / 3195 / 3196
DSN:       392-550-3303 / 3195 / 3196
FAX:        717.550.3243
IPE Disposition Requests — Mechanicsburg, PA Comm: 717.550.3171 / 3179
DSN:       392-550-3171 / 3179
FAX:        717.550.3345