DLA Aviation Acquisition Notices (DAANs)

DLA Aviation Acquisition Notices (DAANs) provide supplemental DLA Aviation specific instructions to suppliers in solicitations and awards. DAANs may be incorporated by reference on the Continuation Page (Page 2) of solicitations and awards. The full text of each notice are available below. For contracts containing earlier DAAN versions, the full text is also available in the Archive column.

Last revised: May 24, 2022


  • Any DAAN incorporated by reference has the same force and effect as if set forth in full text.
  • When a portion of text is included in the document to provide or to collect “fill-in” data, the text provided is not represented to be the full text of the DAAN.
  • Click on Notice Number for full-text of the DAAN.
  • If the Notice Date on the document (e.g., solicitation, award) has occurred prior to the Notice Date provided below, an Archived copy of the previous version is also available.
Notice Number Notice Title Notice Date Archive
DAAN-09-01 (DOCX) National Stock Number (NSN) Identification of First Article Testing 201609  
DAAN-09-02 (DOCX) Waiver of First Article Testing 201609  
DAAN-09-03 (DOCX) Clarification with Suppliers First Article Testing 201609  
DAAN-09-04 First Article Testing (Government)  

DAAN-09-04 June 2017 (DOCX)

DAAN-09-04 May 2017 (DOCX)

DAAN-09-04 Sept 2016 (DOCX)

DAAN-09-05 First Article Testing (Contractor)  

DAAN-09-05 June 2017 (DOCX)

DAAN-09-05 May 2017 (DOCX)

DAAN-09-05 Sept 2016 (DOCX)

DAAN-09-06 (DOCX) Critical Safety Items 201609  
DAAN-09-07 (DOCX) Disposition Instructions for Government First Article Test Exhibit(s) after Test Completion 202012  
DAAN-09-08 (DOCX) Instructions for Submitting Contractor First Article and Contractor Production Lot Test Reports 202103  
DAAN-11-01 (DOCX) Notification of Rejection of Award with Technical Data 201609  
DAAN-11-02 (DOCX) Commercial Packaging for OEM Basic Ordering Agreements (BOAs) 201611  
DAAN-13-01 (DOCX) Evaluation and Award for Acquisitions Below the Simplified Acquisition Threshold 201806

DAAN-13-01 Mar 2018 (DOCX)

DAAN-13-01 Dec 2017 (DOCX)

DAAN-13-01 Jan 2017 (DOCX)

DAAN-13-01 Sept 2016 (DOCX)

DAAN-13-01 (ALT I) (DOCX) Evaluation and Award for Acquisitions Below the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (Alternate I) 201803

DAAN-13-01 (ALT I) Sept 2016 (DOCX)

DAAN-13-02 (DOCX) Notification of Rejection of Unilateral Award 201609  
DAAN-13-03 (DOCX) Master Solicitation without Additional Clauses 201703

DAAN-13-03 Jan 2017 (DOCX)

DAAN-13-03 Oct 2016 (DOCX)

DAAN-13-04 (DOCX) Master Solicitation with Additional Clauses 201703

DAAN-13-04 Jan 2017 (DOCX)

DAAN-13-04 Oct 2016 (DOCX)

DAAN-13-05 (DOCX) Quote Submission Method 201703  
DAAN-13-06 (DOCX) All or None for Simplified Procurements 201909  
DAAN-15-01 (DOCX) Evaluation and Award for Acquisitions Above the Simplified Acquisition Threshold 201806

DAAN 15-01 Mar 2018 (DOCX)

DAAN 15-01 Jan 2017 (DOCX)

DAAN-15-01 Sept 2016 (DOCX)

DAAN-15-02 (DOCX) Offer Submission Methods 202205

DAAN-15-02 Oct 2016 (DOCX)

DAAN-15-02 Sept 2021 (DOCX)

DAAN-17-01 (DOCX) Quantity Option 201706  
DAAN-22-01 (DOCX) Waiver of Certain Clause Requirements in Contracts for Hurricane Relief Efforts 201709  
DAAN-45-01 (DOCX) Government Furnished Tooling 201906  
DAAN-46-01 Production Lot Testing (PLT) Government  

DAAN-46-01 June 2017 (DOCX)

DAAN-46-01 May 2017 (DOCX)

DAAN-46-01 Sept 2016 (DOCX)

DAAN-46-02 Production Lot Testing (PLT) Contractor  

DAAN-46-02 May 2018 (DOCX)

DAAN-46-02 June 2017 (DOCX)

DAAN-46-02 May 2017 (DOCX)

DAAN-46-02 Sept 2016 (DOCX)

DAAN-46-03 (DOCX) Requests for Variance (RFVs) for Parachute Items 201809

DAAN-46-03 Sept 2018 (DOCX)

DAAN-46-03 Aug 2018 (DOCX)

DAAN-47-01 (DOCX) Transportation Account Codes (TACs) for FOB Origin Vendor Shipments 201703  
DAAN-47-02 (DOCX) Carrier Tracking Information in WAWF 201809

DAAN-47-02 July 2018 (DOCX)

DAAN-47-02 April 2018 (DOCX)

DAAN-48-01 (DOCX) Notice of Value Engineering Payments 201701  
DAAN-48-02 (DOCX) Production with Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECP) 201701  
DAAN-48-03 (DOCX) Production without Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECP) 201701  
DAAN-48-04 (DOCX) Partial Production Using Value Engineering Change Proposal (VECP) 201701