Strategic Acquisition

Strategic Acquisition improves DLA parts support by performing inventory planning, procurement activities and effectively managing relationships with sole-source original equipment manufacturers; by developing customer support strategies implemented through corporate contracts, joint contracts, prime vendor arrangements, strategic material sourcing and strategic supplier alliances.

Strategic Acquisition also provides full life-cycle contracting expertise by developing appropriate acquisition strategies for purchase of Depot Level Repairables (DLRs). Strategic Acquisition supports the DLA Director's goals by actively finding solutions to streamline the acquisition processes by eliminating unnecessary steps, reducing lead-times, and by leveraging Better Buying Power (BBP) practices to strengthen the DLA's buying power, improve industry productivity, and provide an affordable, value-added military capability to the Warfighter.

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Strategic Contracting

The Strategic Contracting Division awards complex contracts such as corporate contracts, joint contracts and multiple national stock number contracts like market baskets for consumables and depot level repairables.

Depot Level Procurement Operations

DLA Aviation's DLR Procurement Operations sites are located in Warner Robins, Georgia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Huntsville, Alabama, Ogden, Utah, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. These sites procure depot level repairables for a wide range of weapon systems, and they also execute joint contracts with consumables and DLRs that are used by DLA and the military Services.

Supplier Relationship Management

The goal of a SSA is to partner with industry to improve support, and produce cost savings.  This is established by engaging in continuous open dialogue, focusing on removing unnecessary costs, establishing long-term investment strategies and entering into mutually agreeable meaningful contractual terms. Supplier Relationship Managers (SRMs) work with OEM industry counter-parts to identify, establish and execute common goals through planned events and communication, to include quarterly reviews, Joint Steering Group (JSG) and Executive Committee (EC) meetings.

Strategic Sourcing Programs

The Strategic Programs Division provides support to the aviation supply chain through the Strategic Material Sourcing Program. This ensures the aviation supply chain concentrates its long term contracting focus on high-demand and critical weapons systems items.

Market Research

Strategic Acquisition conducts market research and data analysis to identify possible strategic opportunities, existing industry and capabilities to meet an acquisition requirement, Business Case Analysis (BCAs) are conducted, as well as meeting potential suppliers during industry day events. Market research provides pertinent information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition, and is a very important component of developing the right acquisition strategy.

Industrial Preparedness (IP)

DLA Aviation's Industrial Base related programs and initiatives assist in the execution of acquisition strategies and processes to facilitate industries capacity to attain readiness and customer satisfaction goals. Programs include management and execution of DLA's data collection plan, assisting in the development and execution of sourcing strategies, the evaluation of contractor capability and performance, and the implementation of "War Stopper" Industrial measures.

  • Evaluates requirement for and controls the issue of Government Furnished Material (GFM), Government Furnished Tooling (GFT) and Government Furnished Property (GFP) which are consumed in the manufacture of an item.
  • Serves as pre-award survey monitor
  • Reviews requests for pre-award surveys for completeness, accuracy, and duplication prior to forwarding request to field contract administration office (CAO).
  • Analyzes and evaluates completed surveys; resolves discrepancies, omissions, and ambiguities with CAOs to determine contractor capability.
  • Arranges DSC participation in pre-award surveys.
  • Serves as focal point and provides technical guidance on production matters.
  • Monitors production issues for sensitive special interest raw materials and readiness study items.
  • Administers the Defense Production Act and its sub-elements, with particular emphasis on the Defense Priorities and Allocations Programs and Title III program.
  • Performs readiness and sustainability reviews for NSNs on long term contracts.
  • Arranges DSC participation in pre-award surveys.
  • Establishes studies to develop recommended Industrial Prepared-ness Measures (IPMs) to shorten PLT, to increase production capability, and/or to maintain the production base.
  • Performs Industrial Base impact assessments for contracts with performance periods exceeding 5 years.
  • Performs liaison with industry and trade associations to obtain maximum cooperation in the industrial preparedness-planning program preparedness-planning program.
  • Arranges for the shipment of Film Mylars to support DLA Aviation contracts.

Contracting with DLA

The DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS ) a web-based application that provides the capability to search for, view, and submit secure quotes on Requests For Quotations (RFQs) for Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) items of supply. DIBBS also allows users to search and view Request For Proposals (RFPs), Invitations For Bid (IFBs), Awards and other procurement information related to DLA.

Federal Business Opportunities (FEDBIZOPPS ) is the single point of entry website for federal buyers to publish, and for suppliers to find federal business opportunities over $25,000 across departments and agencies.  Suppliers can conduct ad hoc searches or set up automatic queries to notify them when opportunities meeting their criteria are posted.