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Vendor Information Hub

DLA Aviation's Vendor Information Hub provides guides, resources, and self help articles for Vendors explore a virtual library of information on working with DLA.
Check out this video to see how to access information through DLA Aviation's Vendor Information Hub.
As part of the Contracting Basics Series, this video covers reading and understanding a Procurement Instrument Identification Number (PIID).

DLA Aviation's Vendor Information Hub provides guides for resources and support for acquisition contract administration.

About the Vendor Information Hub Site

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 What are the benefits of using the Vendor Information Hub?

The benefits of a Vendor utilizing the content within the Vendor Information Hub include:

  • Overcoming learning curve in doing business with the Government
  • Being less prone to errors when working with Government
  • Obtaining a greater understanding of how to work with the Government efficiently to save:
    • Time - to reduce the amount of re-work by implementing processes correctly the first time
    • Money - to hinder payment delays and reduce any extraneous fees due to errors
  • Seeing the newest information and processes of how a Vendor works with the Government
 Where can I submit a suggestion or feedback concerning the Vendor Information Hub?

Please submit all suggestions, feedback, or concerns to the Vendor Information Hub (VIH) feedback form.

Important: Only submit suggestions, feedback, or concerns concerning the VIH. For contract administrative help or help relating to policy or directives, submit your inquiries to your Contract Administrators through a Post Award Request.

 How do I navigate through the Vendor Information Hub?

See below the different navigational options when on the Vendor Information Hub (VIH):

  • Navigation buttons at the top of the VIH Home page
  • Page links at the top of the page
  • Accordion Menu of all VIH pages on the left hand side of any page (except home page)

For more information see the Vendor Information Hub Introduction Video.

 What is a RSS feed and how can it help me?

What is RSS?

A RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a feed of XML data from a particular source that is automatically updated and can be compiled by an end user into a RSS Reader (i.e., aggregator). A RSS Reader translates the XML data into a more user friendly interface.

Why would this help me?

RSS Readers check the website frequently to ensure the latest content has been updated for an end user to view. If you want to know when new Vendor Information Articles and guides come up, you will benefit from subscribing to the VIHs RSS feed.

How do I use or subscribe to VIHs RSS Feed?

To get the newest VIH's Content automatically plugged into your RSS feed, follow these general steps for any browser:

  1. Open your preferred browser (e.g., Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
  2. Go to your browsers "Extension" option and open the Extension Store or Add-On option.
  3. Search for a new extension called "RSS."
  4. Review and select the most appropriate RSS Reader extension to install.
  5. Once installed, open the RSS Reader Extension and locate where to add a new RSS feed address.
  6. Return to Vendor Information Hub to right click on RSS subscribe link to copy into clipboard.
  7. Paste RSS subscribe link into URL address field and add to your feed.
  8. Open and view RSS feed.

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All DLA Aviation Vendor Information Hub Videos
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Video by Stephen Baker

Combo Invoicing

  • Defense Logistics Agency
  • April 27, 2024 | 7:06

The Combo Invoicing video is meant to be vendor facing on the Vendor Information Hub. This video covers how to complete the Combo Invoicing Process.

Aviation Supplier Operations Outreach Calendar

DLA Aviation provides webinars and an Industry Day for suppliers. For questions, concerns, and webinar topic suggestions, please contact FA Supplier Operations:

DLA Aviation Supplier Operations Commodities Directorate is offering a series of live webinars to improve supplier relationships and communications, technical information, and special interest topics from both government and industry.

Details for each event along with registration can be found by selecting an event name in the calendar. New events will be added to the calendar periodically.

No events to display.