Price Challenge Request

Price Challenge program raises DLA Aviation’s overall awareness of potential material overcharges. The program puts the customer first through a process that allows individuals to submit suggestions, questions, or recommendations on issues of procurement actions or pricing. Most Challenges come from outside DLA but everyone is welcome to submit a request.

Governed by DoD 4140.1-R and DLAD5025, Price Challenges allow our customers to alert the item supply teams about overpricing concerns.
The program provides DLA an important feedback loop that helps us improve customer satisfaction when we help them meet their readiness and weapon system acquisition support requirements at the lowest possible cost.

If you have evidence of overpricing, please feel free to submit a challenge on any DLA Aviation managed National Stock Number by clicking:


Price Challenge Request

NOTICE:  Non-Government entities may submit Price Challenges by email to either of the following:

DLA Aviation Price Challenges: 
DLA Land & Maritime Price Challenges:
DLA Troop Support Price Challenges:

Please provide the following within your email:

  Company Name
  Phone Number
  National Stock Number
  Justification for the Challenge submittal
  Suggested Price
  Any Attachments to assist in review