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DOD/ASC X12 Conversion Guides

Three sets of conversion guides contain cross references between DoD domain codes (data item codes) and Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 domain code values. DoD systems that store internal data in DoD format and exchange data via X12 EDI/XML based transactions must implement the conversion guides for Transportation Method/Type Codes and Unit of Materiel Measure (Unit of Issue/Purchase Unit) to convert outbound DoD data values to the corresponding ASC X12 code values and vice versa for inbound data values.

Title X12 Data Element Last Updated
Transportation Method/Type Code Conversion Guide 91 01/10/2019
Unit of Materiel Measure (Unit of Issue/Purchase Unit) Conversion Guide 355 07/13/2019
Type of Pack Conversion Guide 211 07/26/2019

Transaction Formats

The Defense Enterprise Data Standards Office maintains several formats of logistics electronic data interchange transactions. Forms for submitting transactions are also supported. The formats/forms currently maintained are listed below; all formats listed are available on the DLMS IC page:

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12

These are the national standards that are the basis for DoD Transactions.  DLMS Supplements to Federal ICs (along with the DLMS manual) constitute DoD's trading partner agreement for use of the Federal ICs within the DoD logistics process.  DLMS Supplements mirror the approved Federal ICs and include:  Federal IC notes; DLMS notes (detailed business rules, often specifying conditions of use for optional data); and transition guidance governing operation in a mixed DLSS/DLMS environment.

A search capability is also available for: Logistics Qualifiers, DLMS to DLSS Cross Reference, and Conversion Guides used in DLMS (DoD logistics) Supplements to Federal ICs.

Extensible Markup Language (XML)

The Defense Enterprise Data Standards Office has developed XML schemas for use in DoD logistics that represent Defense Logistics Management Standards (DLMS) Supplements to Federal Implementation Conventions (ICs) for ANSI ASC X12 based EDI transactions. XML offers a flexible way to describe and tag content (data, word, phase, etc.) in a structured way. The goal of the XML standard emphasized simplicity and usability over the Internet. It is a textual data format with worldwide support. Though originally designed to focus on documents, it is widely used to represent data structures (e.g., DLMS) and is the foundation of web services.

.xsd Formatted Files of DLMS Implementation Conventions.

XML only refers to the data, the XML Schema (i.e. XSD file) is used to express the set of business rules to which the XML must conform in order to be considered valid. The schema is an abstract collection of metadata components. The XML is validated against the schema (a process known as the assessment) prior to sending the transaction for processing. This validation ensures required fields are present, the elements are in the correct format and valid codes are used (when defined in the schema). They are co-located with the .pdf versions of the DLMS Implementation Convention.

Military Standard Logistics System (MILS)/Defense Logistics Standard Systems (DLSS)

These are the electronic data interchange standard transactions that have been in use by DoD for over 40 years.

Visibility Transactions:

Three passive RFID transactions are available, per ADC 219. The schemas (XSD) files can be found on the supplements page.

IUID Transactions:
The linked document below contains DLMS Implementation Conventions that will be affected by the implementation of Item Unique Identifier (IUID) along with Approved DLMS Changes (ADC). This list was intended to serve as a placeholder for considering the use of IUID in DLMS transactions. ADC numbers only are provided while business rules for the use of IUID have yet to be determined. Many of the DLMS transactions support IUID. A document containing all DLMS Implementation Conventions (DLMS IC) with Item Unique Identification (IUID) Capability is located at DLMS_UIIstatus_with_ADCs.doc.

Defense Logistics Standard Systems (DLSS)/
Defense Logistics Management Standards (DLMS) Cross-Reference Tables

  1. A cross-reference of each DLSS Document Identifier Code (DIC) (e.g., A01) to DLMS Implementation Convention (IC) number (e.g. 511R) for all DLSS legacy processes:

  2. Customer assistance aids providing Correlation of MILSTRAP Legacy DIC Functionality to the DLMS IC. The correlation tables are available in both DIC sequence and IC sequence. The MILSTRAP/DLMS correlation table provide general cross reference between MILSTRAP legacy DIC and DLMS IC. In addition to the identification of DIC/IC basic cross-references, the MILSTRAP functionality correlation tables provide the actual physical location of the applicable transaction type code(s) within each IC and clarifying information required for defining a valid correlation between the MILSTRAP legacy DIC and DLMS.