Data Standards Committees

Joint Governance Forums

For information about any of the committees or their points of contact, or to submit comments, go to our Contact Us page.  Following is a list of the Process Review Committees (PRCs) and Joint Groups managed/sponsored by the Defense Enterprise Data Standards Office (DEDSO):

Managed/Sponsored Committees

  • Finance PRC
    • Military Standard Billing System (MILSBILLS) Interfund
  • Supply PRC
    • Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP)
    • Military Standard Transaction Reporting and Accountability Procedures (MILSTRAP)

DEDSO Upcoming PRC Schedule

Below are the currently scheduled DEDSO Process Review Committee (PRCs) Meetings, organized by functional area.

Area Date Status
Supply February 21, 2024 Confirmed
Supply March 20, 2024 Tentative
Finance February 6, 2024 Confirmed
SDR Every other Thursday from 9-10 AM Eastern Confirmed
DoDAAD Every 4th Thursday from 1-2 PM Eastern Confirmed

Defense Enterprise Business and Standards also participates or has membership on the following committees subcommittees:


PRC Appointment Letter Template - utilize this Template when appointing or changing a PRC representative

DoD Component Comments Matrix for DLA Issuance - utilize this Template when responding to PRCs

Contact us for further information.