Reduced Operations

Beginning in December 2022, DLA Disposition Services locations world-wide will be implementing a staggered rollout of a new warehousing management system upgrade.

As each of our sites implements the system, our customers will experience a period of reduced operations at that location. During this timeframe, the following impacts will be noted:

Turn-in Customers

  • No scheduled appointments for property turn-in
  • Turn-in transportation requests will remain supported

Reutilization/Transfer/Donation (RTD) Customers

  • Property requisitions will continue, however requisitions will remained queued until the site resumes full operations
  • Scheduled appointments for pick-up will resume after this period
  • Customer requisitions that are eligible to be shipped will be scheduled once the site returns to normal operations
  • All property on inventory during the reduced operations will be afforded full RTD access through RTD web and available for requisitioning. There will be no physical (walk-in) screening during reduced operations, on-site screening will be available again when normal operations resume

For additional information concerning reduced operations at any DLA Disposition Services site, please use the Site Locator for contact information.