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DLA Disposition Services

The Defense Logistics Agency undergoes an organizational change as Disposition Services takes on operational control of Document Services.
Used professional-level musical instruments are turned in to the Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services from all the Armed Forces musical bands each year. Most of them need some repair but are still a valuable asset to teach the next generation.
Idaho is home to some serious wilderness, and the state is serious about looking to DLA for used and surplus military equipment to fight gargantuan fires.
New Hampshire’s 157th Logistics Readiness Squadron has put millions of dollars in used DOD equipment back to work since getting familiar with the DLA property reuse mission.
DLA’s hazardous waste removal services for U.S. Navy ships operating in the Mediterranean now include pier-side disposal opportunities in the northern Adriatic Sea.
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What DLA Disposition Services Offers

DLA Disposition Services are the reverse logistics experts for the Department of Defense. See what all we provide by clicking the link above. 

DLA Disposition Services Videos

View a playlist highlighting DLA's disposition capabilities.

View a playlist highlighting DLA's disposition capabilities.

View a playlist highlighting DLA's disposition capabilities.

DLA Disposition Services News

Disposition Services | May 25, 2023

Disposition Services Eglin continues providing support to services

A look into how the Defense Logistics Agency’s Disposition Services site in Eglin, Florida, supports a variety of customers in the region.

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HDIFC event challenges stereotypes and cultivates understanding

Start the conversation, explore and educate were themes throughout the AANHPI program. Participants shared personal anecdotes, insightful discussions and the quest for understanding.

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Globetrotting EOQ winner serves warfighters where they are

Italy-based Operations Supervisor Angela Sakryd enjoys the unique challenges that property disposal can bring.

Disposition Services | May 19, 2023

Disposition Services adds autonomous floor cleaner to inventory

DLA Disposition Services is collaborating with DLA R&D, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to test an autonomous floor scrubber in a warehouse setting.

Disposition Services | May 18, 2023

Ohio RTCH reuse saves over $1 million

The Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services team in Columbus, Ohio, knew they could put a Rough Terrain Container Handler to good use, but with a price tag of over $1 million for a new one, it was just out of reach.