DLA Disposition Services Mid-America News
Property disposal field offices to close
DLA Disposition Services has begun the process of shuttering 35 field offices to keep pace with ongoing defense reduction directives. We expect to complete all closings before October 2022. This repositioning is expected to provide nearly $2 million over two years in cost-avoidance for the organization. Additionally, we expect receipts to increase by 126,000 and for customer wait time averages across the enterprise to drop by nearly a full day.
April 29, 2021 - 60 employee positions will be realigned over the coming year to optimize disposal network capacity and improve overall support to the warfighter.

Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services names the first of two Culture Champion alternatives
Environmental Protection Specialist Chris Aguas was recently selected as an alternate Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services “Culture Champion.”
April 23, 2021 - Environmental Protection Specialist Chris Aguas was recently selected as an alternate Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services “Culture Champion.”

Leadership Spotlight: Kathy Atkins-Nuñez
Kathy Atkins-Nuñez is the Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services Mid-America regional director. She has been with the agency for 37 years and enjoys camping in her travel trailer.
April 5, 2021 - Get to know Kathy Atkins-Nuñez, DLA Disposition Services mid-America region director.

National Reading Month: It’s Your Ship
March is National Reading Month. Everyday reading increases your knowledge, develops your personal and professional skills and gives you more chances for a successful career. DLA Land and Maritime directors and deputies shared their favorite books that have helped them during their professional career.
March 19, 2021 - I highly recommend reading this book if you are seasoned leader, a newly appointed leader or that someday you are striving to become one. Just remember It’s Your Ship, everyone is on it, so we all must take pride and ownership from the top to the bottom.

New Mid-America region director reflects on the year that was
The pandemic, wildfires and hurricanes were all challenges that DLA Disposition Services Mid-America helped the nation face.
Dec. 25, 2020 - As the world closes the book on 2020, the DLA Disposition Services Mid-America team can look back and know they not only provided support for the warfighter as they do every day, but extended that support to the fight against the pandemic, wildfires and hurricanes.

DSD Director

Kathy Atkins-Nunez

Email:    Kathy.Atkins-Nunez@dla.mil
Comm:   210-780-4961
DSN:      392-780-4961

DSD Deputy

Jessie Parisano

Email:     Jessie.Parisano@dla.mil
Comm:    210-780-4671
DSN:       392-780-4971


DLA Disposition Services Mid-America
2999 Parker Hill Rd Ste 65
JBSA Fort Sam Houston, Tx 78234

Area of Responsibility

Located at Ft Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas, provides service to the Central part of the United States to include: North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas.

Colorado Springs    Fort Hood     San Antonio     Fort Sill     Fort Riley     Red River


Management Support

Email:     MidAmericaRAs@dla.mil 

Comm:    210-780-4962

DSN:      392-780-4962


Comm:  210-780-4960

DSN:      392-780-4960