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Getting Started in the LESO Program

The Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) is accepting applications to participate in the LESO Program. To date, thousands of Federal, Tribal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) have participated.

    For all LEAs to qualify for entry into the LESO Program, LEAs must meet all three of these basic criteria:

  • Is it a governmental agency whose primary function the enforcement of laws?
  • Does the agency have at least one full time compensated officer?
  • Does the agency's officer(s) have the powers of arrest and apprehension?

Fire Departments, Prisons, and Office of Coroners do not fit into this category

If all three prerequisites are met, LEAs will need to submit an Application for Participation to their State Coordinator

Printable LESO Application

If your agency DOES NOT have an approved Application for Participation, please contact your local State Coordinator for further information and to help determine eligibility.

System Registration

Once your Application for Participation has been approved by your State Coordinator and the LESO Program, you can begin system registrations

AMPS Request access to government systems. The Account Management and Provisioning Service (AMPS) is used to manage who has access to certain government systems. All LESO Program participants must initially register for this system in order to request equipment via the LESO Program.

AMPS Registration Instructions

RTD Web System which allows you to search for and request property. RTD stands for “Reutilization, Transfer and Donation.” LESO Program participants may utilize the RTD website to look for equipment, supplies, tools, and vehicles that they may need for their law enforcement agencies. Individuals who wish to look for items must set up his or her own RTD Web account. To gain access to the RTD Website, register and set up your username and password in AMPS. Once you have registered in AMPS, visit the Business Portal to access the RTD Web.

RTD Web Instructions

FEPMIS The Federal Excess Property Management Information System (FEPMIS) is the inventory system used by LESO Program participants to manage items obtained via the LESO Program. Each participating agency is required to have a designated user create their own FEPMIS account which will allow them to manage their agency's inventory.

Create a FEPMIS Account

Once AMPS, RTD Web and FEPMIS registrations are complete, LESO Program participants may utilize the RTD Website to search for and request equipment, supplies, tools, vehicles and other items.

Note-Agencies must have at least one individual registered in FEPMIS prior to requesting property in the RTD Web.