Account for Property

Navigating through LESO FEPMIS

Accounting for Received Property

Successfully receiving reutilized property is only the first step in the accountability process. Newly received property is required to be recorded and maintained through the Federal Excess Property Management Information System (FEPMIS).

FEPMIS is the online property book for Law Enforcement Agencies utilizing the LESO Program. Within FEPMIS, items can be registered, transferred, or adjusted all within the online application. Additionally, once a year a physical inventory must be done of all property which is conditionally transferred to them via the LESO Program.

Create a FEPMIS Account
How to Create a FEPMIS Account

The first step in the process in accounting for newly acquired property is creating an account in FEPMIS. Once this is completed, the following actions can be accomplished in the system.

Receiving Property
How to Receive Property in FEPMIS

Once an item is picked up or is shipped to your law enforcement agency, it will automatically appear in your agency's FEPMIS inventory as a new "receipt". FEPMIS gives you the ability to confirm which property you have physically received from a DLA Disposition Service Site.

There are two main types of property to be concerned with receipting: High Visibility and General Property.

High visibility property consists of vehicles, aircraft, weapons, and night vision. Simply put, general property is everything else that doesn't fall under these categories.

Most high visibility property requires serial numbers and pictures to be uploaded to the receipt.

Once property is receipted, it is then assigned to the agency's property book.

Modify Property
How to Modify Property in FEPMIS

FEPMIS allows for the ability to edit certain features about property that is assigned to an agency.

For example, the following categories can be edited in FEPMIS: Federal Supply Class (FSC), Item Name, NSNs and Serial Number.

Additionally, you can initiate the action to transfer property to another unit or agency through the Modify module. The Modify module also allows the user to update or upload images.

Most modify actions initiated must be approved by the State Coordinator's office and the Law Enforcement Support Office.

Change of Property Status
How to Adjust Property Status in FEPMIS

Property can be turned back in to DLA Disposition Services if it is no longer needed or utilized by an agency. This is accomplished by changing the status of the property in FEPMIS. Additionally, if property becomes lost or stolen, it must be reported as such in this module. Change of Status requests are submitted using the Change of Status module. Change of Status requests require approval from the State Coordinator's Office and the Law Enforcement Support Office.

Certifying Property:
Law Enforcement Agencies must certify their on-hand inventory each year in FEPMIS, which is verified by State Coordinators and monitored by LESO.