Search for Property

Searching for Property

Find and Request items to reutilize from Dispostion Services

Step 1: Create an Account in AMPS
Step 2: Request Roles in AMPS
Step 3: Log in to RTD Web

Once the steps for access have been completed, you will have the ability to search for property available in RTD Web.

To search for property, hover over the Law Enforcement Support Office link in the left hand side and select "LESO Search".

The following page will display the fields with which searches can be filtered and sorted. Property searches can be filtered by National Stock Number (NSN), Federal Supply Class (FSC), item name, or other values. Additionally, specific DLA Disposition Services locations can be queried for their available property.

Once the applicable values have been selected, click SEARCH to perform a query that meets the selected search criteria.

If you are satisfied with the search criteria, a Want List can be scheduled which will automatically generate notifications based on the specified search criteria. To create a Want List, click SCHEDULE.

To view additional information for a specific item, click the DTID link.

Once an item has been reviewed and is desired to be requested, click the shopping cart icon in the lower left hand corner of the item row. This will add that DTID to the shopping cart assigned to your unit's DODAAC.

To request an item, navigate to the shopping cart and click the "Check Out" link. A justification must be entered in the appropriate block for the specific requested item detailing how it will fulfill a law enforcement purpose.

Once a requisition has been submitted, it will be forwarded to the State Coordinator and LESO for review.

Additional Information
        Restricted Items
    The following items are restricted to Law Enforcement Agencies
  • DEMIL E Clothing items (i.e. Military Uniforms)
  • FSC 8470 Body Armor
  • Kevlar Helmets
  • Certain DEMIL F items (i.e. Binoculars and Infrared Illuminators)
  • Batch lots


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DLA Business Portal (RTD Web)

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