RTD Instruction Page

Reutilization, Tranfer and Donation (RTD)

Access Instructions

The RTD website allows registered users to view and request excess DOD property for their Law Enforcement Agency. "Want" lists and requisition statuses can be viewed from this page. For questions concerning the RTD website, please contact the DLA Enterprise Helpdesk at 1-855-352-0001.

To begin: navigate to the RTD Website and select the "DLA Enterprise External Business Portal" Link.

Enter Username and Password created in AMPS. Then click "Log On".

If you get an error message "User Authentication Failed", this indicates a password reset is required.

Upon logging in, click on the "Disposition Services" header and then click "RTD" on the left hand side of the page. This will open the RTD application in a new window.

After the page loads, click on the "Request Role" link on the left hand side.

Select "Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO)" in the top drop-down.
    There are several Roles to select from in the bottom drop-down:
  • LESO State/Local Coordinator(ALL State Coordinators and SPOCs that want to Approve Requests)
  • LESO State/Local Screener(Any State or Local Agency that wants to request property)
  • LESO Federal Screener (ALL Federal Agencies that want to request property)
  • LESO Tribal Screener ((Any State or Federal Tribal Agency that wants to request property)

Once the correct application and role has been selected, click "Submit"

The following screen will auto-populate information provided from the AMPS page. Enter in missing data that is not provided.

In the customer type field, the LEA should type "Screener".

Verify that the address that is listed is the correct LEA address.

    LEA Information:
  1. Select Agency Type
  2. Fill in the Number of Officers in each category.
  3. Enter Weapons/Aircraft Point of Contact (POC) if known. If not know, type N/A (non-applicable).
  4. Level: Screener for LEAs, State Coordinator (SC) for SC/SPOCs
  5. Click "Submit"
Number of Officers - Total number of compensated officers with full powers of arrest and apprehension.

Part-Time Officers - Compensated part-time officers with full powers of arrest and apprehension.

1st Responders - Compensated officers with full powers of arrest and apprehension who are ONLY 1st Responders.

Reserve Officers - Compensated reserve officers with full powers of arrest and apprehension

Once this information has been completed, click "Submit".

When the role request is submitted, it goes to your State Coordinator for approval, and two levels of review/approval at LESO.

Once the role is approved, the next step is to search for property