Tailored MAJCOM Support

Disposition Services has a unique team of individuals dedicated to providing tailored support for each DOD Major Command (MAJCOM). Each Service Liaison is situated near the logistics commands for each Branch. Their area of expertise ranges from coordinating major divestitures to providing unit-level disposal training.
Common questions are:
  • Who do I contact in DLA Disposition Services regarding Service divestiture of excess potentially heading to disposal?
  • What regulatory guidance affects disposal of property?
  • If I'm having concerns or issues at a disposal site who do I contact?
  • Can DLA Disposition Services support disposal transactions now or in the future at certain locations?



Phone:  269-275-1813
Phone:  269-223-0617
Email:   DLADispositionServicesArmyHelp@dla.mil 


Marine Corps

Phone:  269-986-6699
Email:   DLADISPOSITIONSERVICESMarineHelp@dla.mil  


Navy / Coast Guard

Phone: 267-294-7227
Email:  DLADispositionServicesNavyHelp@dla.mil

Air Force

Phone:  937-309-4358
Email:  DLADispositionServicesAirForceHelp@dla.mil