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Updated 8/23/2017


Potential For Delays in Receiving Email From Non-DoD Entities


Weekdays from 0800 to 1700, there may be delays of up to several hours

receiving email sent from non-DoD entities (e.g. Government Contractors) to

DoD entities (e.g. DLA contract specialists & contract administrators).  DISA

is working efforts to mitigate delays and return to normal processing timeframes

of less than 5 minutes. Potential for email delays may exist for the near future. 


For DLA contractors, this issue may delay receipt of supplemental information/emails.


Based on the above, contractors and customers are encouraged to call their Contract specialist if you

require immediate assistance or have a concern over an email having been received by



The Directorate of Acquisition Management

Acquisition Hazardous Division

The Acquisition Hazardous Division consists of three branches located in CONUS, Germany, and the Pacific. J-76 primarily awards and administers service contracts for the transportation, removal and disposal of hazardous waste (HW) in support of military installations all over the world. The CONUS offices provide coverage for all of CONUS and Puerto Rico and supports shipments from Japan (PCBs), Guantanamo Bay, Greenland and the Islands of Antigua, Ascension and Andros. The Germany office supports military installations in Europe, Africa, Central Asia and Southwest Asia. The Pacific office supports Hawaii, Guam, Diego Garcia, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Thailand and Australia. In addition to hazardous waste disposal support, the Germany and Pacific branches also provide the operational support contracting for designated DLA Disposition Services field sites.  

 Acquisition Operations Division 

The Acquisition Operations office procures everything that is not hazardous disposal or information technology related. Its customers include   HQ DLA Disposal Services, CONUS and Southwest Asia field sites,  DLA Logistics Information Service and DLA Installation Support Battle Creek. Some of the services provided by the Acquisitions Operations Division are  Demanufacturing - Removal of electronic scrap from field sites nationwide and Hawaii and Alaska,tire disposal contracts servicing numerous CONUS field sites,     Material Handling Equipment (MHE) maintenance contracts servicing numerous CONUS field sites and Alaska,  Customer Interaction Center (CIC) operations call center contract for all of DLA and  Kuwait and Afghanistan labor and equipment maintenance.

 Acquisition Procedures Division

The Acquisition Procedures division provides internal oversight and support to the buying offices which include but is not limited to reviews of proposed contract actions conducted, oversight of the Government Purchase Card program, CPAR focal point, coordination of DLA Procurement Management Reviews (PMRs), draft, coordinate and issue policy and regulatory guidance, arranging for and tracking DAWIA certification and training, formulation and monitoring the directorate budget,  preparation of various Command and DLA suspenses and reports, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, price analyses of contract actions and support of Enterprise Procurement (EProcurement).