Defense Enterprise Data Standards
Defense IT Standards for Business Systems of the DoD Supply Chain

The Defense Enterprise Data Standards (DEDS) Office develops, publishes, and maintains interoperable information technology standards for the business systems of the DoD Supply Chain to facilitate auditability and support reform initiatives of the Department.
Interoperability – Auditability – Data Quality
We perform our DoD-wide mission in support of the DoD CIO, USD(C) ADS(A), and ASD(S) across the entire spectrum of standards through the DLA Director’s Executive Agency.
E2E Business Processes
Policies Procedures
Business Rules
Master, Reference, & Metadata
Data Exchange Specifications
From Functional Requirements to Implemented IT Standards
DEDS facilitate functional processes in and between business systems based on function business domain requirements from policy holders of USD(A&S) and USD(C).

Functional Chart

Functional & Technical Joint Governance Forums

Flow Chart

Joint governance forum for all functional stakeholders of Enterprise Business Standards (O6/15-level) with a focus on process/policy/audit.

  • Charged with refinement of standards business processes.
  • Harmonization of processes and policy to identify controls for audit.
  • Modernization focus is to identify roadmap to achieve interoperability and auditability.

Joint governance forum for all technical stakeholders of Enterprise Data Standards (business system PMs/PfMs) with a focus on IT & systems.

  • Charged with identifying business system impacts and forum for vetting technical changes (ADCs) (e.g., implementation time & costs).
  • DAAS serves as core member as the DoD/Federal data exchange hub provider.
  • Will serve as critical enabler to facilitating and tracking implementation of controls necessary to mitigate/remedy materiel weaknesses identified in NFRs.
Defense Enterprise Data Standards
Defense IT Standards for Business Systems of the DoD Supply Chain
Enterprise Business Standards

Controls that ensure compliance w/ LRPs and successful repetition of business processes to provide accurate, dependable results for stewardship of resources and quality data that demonstrates traceable accountability through reportable metrics.
Enterprise Data Standards

Data/metadata standards and data exchange standards that cross functional and/or component boundaries, are codified in DoD policy with a steward and authoritative data sources and have established maturity in the Enterprise with appropriate governance and configuration management with Federal Partners, Military Services, and DoD Components.
Standard Business               Data                    Data Exchange
Rules & Procedures             Standards                Standards

Process models to identify critical information requirements for all applicable E2E business processes:

  • A2R
  • D2RR
  • O2C
  • P2S
  • SR2R
  • B2R
  • P2P


  • Reference and Master Data
  • Metadata

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Authoritative Data Repositories:

  • LOGDRMS - DoD Log. Data Dictionary
  • DoDAAD - DoD Customer Master
  • MAPAD - DoD Customer Master (FMS/SCA)
  • (FLIS - DoD Item Master)
  • CAGE - DoD Vendor Master

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