Welcome to the Enterprise Business Standards Office

Mission: Facilitate continuous enterprise integration process Improvements to logistics management and operations.



Consistently explore, develop and modify DoD logistics processes and procedures through state of the art best business practices while making most effective use of taxpayer dollars in support of the warfighter. Accelerate transformation of DoD logistics operations from obsolete information exchange processes (also known as MILS-Military Standard Logistics Systems) to variable length records made possible by Defense Logistics Management Standards (DLMS) processing. Develop, coordinate and publish Defense Logistics Manuals (DLMs) and related publications processing guidance for emerging Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) programs. Preserve legacy operation until the DoD-enterprise has transformed their respective operations.


All our sensitive files (e.g., Point of Contact lists, attendee lists, some briefings) are now stored at Intelink. Access to Intelink is CAC/PIV certificate enabled (which includes ECA). Many corporations and foreign nationals who contract with the DoD and the Federal Government have established PKI certificates (known as ECAs).

More information on External and Federal PKI Interoperability can be found at the following link: https://iase.disa.mil/pki-pke/interoperability/Pages/index.aspx.

Our office does not own, support or maintain Intelink. If you have a problem, please contact the ISMC Watch: 301-688-1800 (commercial, 644-1800 (DSN) or ismc-servicedesk@ugov.gov; (email) for assistance.


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