DLMS Implementation Archives

This page contains dated documents pertinent to implementation of the Defense Logistics Management Standards (DLMS) implementation and migration from the Defense Logistics Standard Systems (DLSS).

1. Migration to DLMS:
The Under Secretary of Defense Adobe PDF Icon memorandum (with attachment) on Migration to the DLMS and Elimination of the Military Standard Systems (MILS) (also known as Defense Logistics Standard Systems (DLSS)) requires action to eliminate the generation and transmission of logistics transactions using the 80-character MILS formats. The data-limited MILS formats prevent tracking an item throughout its life cycle across the entire supply chain using Unique Identifiers (UIDs) and other business transformation initiatives. The related Defense Logistics Management Standards Office  memorandum provides additional information associated with this process.

The following are related guidance, information, DoD Component plans from DRID #48 and UID/DLMS migration, migration waivers submitted, and questions related to DLMS migration. See related Adobe PDF Icon memorandum from Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Transportation Policy.

DRID 48 Related Documents
a. Defense Reform Inititiative Directive (DRID) #48 Adobe PDF Icon:
b. LMI - Component-Unique Requirements Study
Component Plans
c. DRID #48 DoD Component/Migration:
  • USMCAdobe PDF Icon
  • DLA MS-Word Icon
  • USN Final Draft Adobe PDF Icon

  • Component Waivers
    d. Migration Waivers submitted/status:

    e. UID/DLMS Workshop Documents, March 9-10, 2004:
    Day One Briefings:
    Day Two DLMS Track:
    UID Track:
    Supply Chain Group:
    Maintenance Group:
    Resource Documents
  • UID-AIT Questions and Answers MS-Word Icon

    f. EDI related documents:

    2. DLMS Implementation

    Kickoff Meeting, 25 Jan 07:

    Minutes/Attendees Briefings/Documents
    Microsoft Word Icon DLMS Kickoff Meeting 25 Jan 07
    Microsoft Powerpoint Icon Meeting Admin
    Microsoft Powerpoint Icon USTC
    Microsoft Powerpoint Icon DLSS/DLMS Overview
    Microsoft Powerpoint Icon Navy R Supply
    Microsoft Powerpoint Icon AF ILS-S
    Microsoft Powerpoint Icon BTA-FACTS
    Microsoft Powerpoint Icon Kickoff-BTA
    Microsoft Powerpoint Icon DAASC/DLMS Support
    Microsoft Powerpoint Icon Army LMP
    Microsoft Powerpoint Icon USMC MAISTR
    Microsoft Powerpoint Icon GATES

    3. Historical Documents

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