Joint Physical Inventory Working Group (JPIWG)

The Defense Logistics Management Standards Office serves as the DoD Physical Inventory Control Program Administrator. The JPIWG: evaluates the physical inventory control program for DoD supply system material and recommends system enhancements as changes to DoD 4000.25-M; resolves inter-Component problems through direct coordination among JPIWG members; formulates solutions to problems presented to the JPIWG; and recommends policy changes to the DUSD(L&MR). For further information refer to DoDM 4140.01, Chapter 5, section C5.7.5. and appendix 12, and/or DLM 4000.25, Volume 2, Chapter 6. Contact the JPIWG POC.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership consists of representatives from the DoD Components. Access JPIWG member information--if you have a need help, contact us.

Next Committee Meeting

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