Preparations Students Need To Make For DLMS Training Class

Each class member should prepare and bring their own book to class The books should be in three ring binders as we will be asking the students to pull selected Tabbed documents out of the book during the class as we do some exercises.

DLMS Introductory Training Class Student Book Preparation Instructions: Every student should have their own book. In addition to needing the book for the class they’re useful as a post class reference document. The student books should be assembled as three ring binders. There will be a need for the students to pull out one or more tabs during some of the classroom exercises.
1.   The following document should be inserted the outside front pocket of the student binder. DLMS Training:
2.   The following three documents should be in the inside front pocket of the student binder. DLMS Training:
3.   Print Modules for the three ring binder Modules (click the highlighted text for each module):
4.   Additional Information:

Prior to the start of the class, students are encouraged to read the "DLMS Implementation Strategy Guide." It provides a high level summary for some of the material to be covered in the DLMS Overview training class. The document can be found at the following link:
DLMS Implementation Strategy Guide