Logistics Data Management Tools

Applications, Tools and Reference
Department of Defense (DoD) Logistics data strategy requires all DoD Components to implement data management in ways that provide clear, concise, consistent, and easily accessible metadata that promotes data interoperability across the entire Department. DoD Logistics data management with the Defense Logistics Management Standards Office is implemented at two levels: over-arching corporate Logistics level and the Defense Logistics Management Standards (DLMS), a subset of the corporate level.

  • DLMS Authorized Transaction Repository
    This is the central repository for all Defense Logistics transactional exchanges including DLMS Implementation Convention, segments, reference tables, data elements, and data domains (data codes).

  • Cross Reference Tables and Conversion Guides
    These consist of a suite of dictionaries and directories intended to be the central repository for all DLMS related transactional information, and three sets of tables identifying DoD Logistics data domains (data codes) that require conversion to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 data domains (data codes) to prevent rejection by ANSI ASC X12 oriented value added networks.