DoD Regulations & Manuals

Number Title
DFARS Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
DFARS Apppendix F-401 Distribution of DD Form 250 and DD Form 250C
DLM 4000.25 Defense Logistics Management Standards, 4000.25 series publications are on the DLMSO publications page
DoD 4140.1-R DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Regulation was canceled and replaced by DoDM 4140.01
DoDM 4140.01 DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures
DoD 4140.25-M Management of Bulk Petroleum Products, Storage, and Distribution Facilities, Volume V
DoD 4140.26-M Defense Integrated Materiel Management for Consumable Items
DoD 4140.27-M, Vol 1 Shelf-Life Item Management Manual: Program Adminstration
DoD 4140.27-M, Vol 2 Shelf-Life Item Management Manual: Materiel Quality Control Storage Standards
DoD 4140.65-M Compliance For Defense Packaging: Phytosanitary Requirements for Wood Packaging Material (WPM)
DoDM 4140.68 Integrated Materiel Management of Nonconsumable Items
DoDM 4160.21 Defense Materiel Disposition Manual
DoD 4160.28 Defense Demilitarization: Program Administration (Incorporates and cancels DoD 4160.21-M-1)
DTR 4500.9-R Defense Transportation Regulation (DTR)
DODM 5100.76 Physical Security of Sensitive Conventional Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives
DoD 5105.38-M Security Assistance Management Manual
DoD 5160.65-M Single Manager for Conventional Ammunition (SMCA)
DoDM 5200.01 DoD 5200.01-R has been reissued as DoDM 5200.01
DoD 7000.14-R Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation (FMR)