Item Unique Identification (IUID)

DoD Instruction (DoDI 8320.04, Item Unique Identification (IUID) Standards for Tangible Personal Property, dated September 3, 2015 states that it is DoD policy to use the unique item identifier (UII) to:
(1) enable life-cycle management of assets;
(2) support asset valuation and accountability for audit readiness on the general property, plant, and equipment, inventory, and operating materials and supplies portions of DoD financial statements; and
(3) support counterfeit material risk reduction.

It also states that UII is a mandatory data element to identify unique items in financial, property accountability, acquisition, and logistics (including supply, maintenance, and distribution) automated information systems, and business processes. To support the above policy the ASD (L&MR) led IUID Working Group is documenting the "Department of Defense Integrated Requirements Set (IRS) for IUID in Supply Business Processes" for the business usage of the UII in the business processes and information systems supporting the global supply system.. As the business requirements are codified by the ASD (L&MR) IUID Working Group, the Defense Logistics Management Standards are being updated to ensure uniform execution of UII management within supply and across other business domains, and to link unique item data from multiple data sources across the department.

DLMS Transactions that have been identified as potential UII supporting transactions can be found at the link below and where business rules have been written the PDC or ADC is identified. DLMS_withUII_capability_Nov_2018.doc Approved DLMS Changes (ADC) and Proposed DLMS Changes implementing business rules for IUID can be found in Other Documents and Resources below.