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June 28, 2019

San Joaquin named a RAPIDS Site of the Year

Defense Distribution Depot San Joaquin, located in Tracy, California, received the 2018 Site Excellence Award for Defense Enrollment Eligibility System and Real-time Automated Identification System in

June 27, 2019

New Commander at DLA Energy Okinawa

DLA Energy Okinawa held a change of command ceremony at Camp Shields, Okinawa, June 21. Air Force Lt. Col. Jarrett Weiblen relinquished command to Air Force Maj. Tracy Gilmore.

June 27, 2019

New commander serves as face of DLA support to EUCOM, AFRICOM 

Army Col. Krista Hoffman, new Defense Logistics Agency Europe & Africa commander, will serve as the entry point for DLA’s warfighter support to U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command. 

June 27, 2019

Employees celebrate opening of new DLA Aviation Operations Center

Four years after construction began in 2015, Defense Logistics Agency Aviation Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Linda Hurry officiated a ribbon cutting ceremony commemorating the opening of the DLA Aviation Operations Center June 25.

June 27, 2019

Riverview Golf Course Unveils Monument in Honor of 60th Anniversary

The Riverview Golf Course at Defense Distribution Center Susquehanna celebrated its 60th unveiling ceremony Saturday, June 15. The Morale Welfare Recreation Office hosted a four-person scramble to

June 26, 2019

Investment in 3D printing helps Team Edwards’ fleet aloft

Logistics In Action: Article originally appeared on the Edwards Air Force Base website — The 412th Maintenance Squadron is leveraging 3D printing technology to help keep Edwards’ aircraft flying, no matter their age.

June 26, 2019

AFRL and partners reclaim obsolete aircraft parts using advanced manufacturing technology

Logistics In Action: Article originally appeared on the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base website — The average age of Air Force aircraft is over 28 years according to Assessment of Military Power, 2018. This creates a constant requirement for components needing repair or replacement. Parts can be difficult to acquire when original suppliers are no longer in existence and new suppliers have no desire to produce low volume quantities.

June 26, 2019

Diversity, visibility, inclusion top DLA Troop Support Pride Month observance

Fifty years ago, during four hot summer days in New York City’s Greenwich Village, the Stonewall Riots sparked the LGBTQ movement that continues today. More than just a series of fights, marches, protests and arrests, the historic event planted the seeds for the movement of pride, acceptance, equality, visibility and empowerment that is still growing. Jonathan Lovitz, senior vice president of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, served as the keynote speaker for the LGBTQ Pride Month Observance June 20 at the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support in Philadelphia.

June 26, 2019

LGBT Pride Month celebrated on DSCR

The Defense Logistics Agency Aviation Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Office, in conjunction with the American Federation of Government Employees Local 1992 hosted a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Pride Month celebration in the Frank B. Lotts Conference Center on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia, June 25.

June 26, 2019

Annual summit fosters acquisition excellence

Representatives from DLA Acquisition met with senior leaders during their annual Fifth Estate Chief Contracting Officer Summit and senior procurement executive visit in Lorton, Virginia, June 25-26 to discuss advancing acquisition oversight and support with continuous process improvements throughout the acquisition community.