STEPS to SUCCESS - Doing Business with DLA

Small Business Overview For Vendors

New to working with the government? New to working with DLA? Just looking for a place to get started?

Learn the basics with the Small Business Overview for Vendors.

The overview details what DLA is, what DLA buys, and how the federal government buys goods and services. Find out what programs your business might be eligible for and the steps and systems needed to become registered to do business with DLA. Also learn how to find current DLA and other federal government business opportunities, as well as where to turn if you need help.

Replenishment Parts Purchase or Borrow Program

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Contact the Replenishment Parts Purchase or Borrow Program Information (RPPOB) for details.

DLA Resources

DLA Aviation Resources

DLA Land & Maritime Resources

DOD and Other Federal Government Resources

The links lead to resources outside of DLA's Office of Small Business Programs. The information provided should not be interpreted as an endorsement, sanction, approval, or authorization by DLA.