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April 30, 2021

Vaccine clinic draws over 100 DSCR employees

Volunteers from the Virginia Army National Guard at Fort Pickett near Blackstone, Virginia, Defense Logistics Agency Installation Management Richmond and DLA Aviation’s Customer Operations Directorate managed a pop-up vaccine clinic at Defense Supply Center Richmond April 27. More than 100 DLA employees were given the first of two COVID-19 vaccine injections.

April 29, 2021

DLA director meets Richmond-based employees, praises commitment to mission

Defense Logistics Agency Director Navy Vice Adm. Michelle Skubic visited Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia, April 16 for the first time since she became director of the enterprise in July. She previously headed supplier operations for DLA Aviation from August 2008 to August 2011.

April 28, 2021

Plan ahead, have an emergency supply kit when disaster strikes

The time disaster meets you at your front door is not the time to find out you don’t have adequate supplies to make it through the disaster. Start building your emergency disaster plan and survival supplies kit now.

April 23, 2021

For DLA Aviation Leadership Award recipient, collaboration is central to leadership

While some leaders may take the “Simon Says” approach with their teams, for one Defense Logistics Agency Aviation Leadership Award recipient leadership is all about collaboration.

April 22, 2021

Spring into action when traveling or getting together in public gatherings

Defense Logistics Agency security officials remind employees to take security precautions when traveling.

April 15, 2021

Training Academy aims for equity, ‘well-rounded’ employees

The Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support Training Academy, a pilot program for early career employees, kicked off with a virtual roll-out meeting with participants April 7. The goal is to provide an organizational standard of training for new employees, and complement existing training programs to result in more equitable learning opportunities for hands-on training.

March 24, 2021

Exemplary leader receives recognition

Brenton “Chase” Miller, chief of the Cost and Pricing Branch in the Pricing Division of the Procurement Process Support Directorate within Defense Logistics Agency Aviation was awarded the DLA Aviation Leadership Award for the month of January 2021.

March 17, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Stephen Porch

Employee spotlight regularly features outstanding non-supervisory personnel from throughout the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation and other DLA employees on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia.

March 1, 2021

Humbled and appreciative: characteristics of a good leader

Clyde Shaeffer, supervisory inventory management specialist, Order Fulfilment (QABEX), Defense Logistics Agency Aviation at Cherry Point, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina, was awarded the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation Leadership Award for the month of December 2020.

Feb. 24, 2021

Strudwick and Manuel exemplify decisive action and prioritization, making them DLA Aviation’s November Employees of the Month

You can’t just “wing” it when it comes to communication and planning. It takes decisive action and prioritization like DLA Aviation’s November Employee of the Month awardees exemplify.