DLA Environmental Products and Services

—  Edition: 07.2021 —

Green Products

Contact:  Commercial 703.767.6017, 2425 or 5326  •  DSN 427

About Bio-Based Fuels:

  • Helps meet alternative fueled vehicle requirements
  • B20, a blend of 20% biodiesel and 80% or ultra-low diesel fuel comparable to conventional diesel
  • E85, a blend of 51-83% ethanol and 17-51% gasoline
  • Renewable Diesel: Derived from fats / vegetable oils (used alone or blended with regular diesel)

Contact:  Commercial 703.767.6017, 2425 or 5326  •  DSN 427

About Bio-Based Engine Oils:

  • Four-Cycle and Two-Cycle NSNs
  • American Petroleum Institute (API) Certified
  • Meets USDA BioPreferred Program 25% Minimum Bio-Based Content Requirement
  • Fully Synthetic
  • Available in SAE 5W20 and SAE 5W30 viscosities
  • Units of Issue (UI) include a case of 12 quarts, 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers

Learn more on the Bio-Based Engine Oils page.

Contact:  Commercial 703.767.6017, 2425 or 5326  •  DSN 427

About Bio-Based Cleaner, Lubricant, Preservative (CLP):

  • Meets requirements of MIL-PRF-63460F, Type B (26Mar2017)
  • Biobased Content not less than 33%
  • Meets USDA BioPreferred Program 32% Minimum Bio-Based Content Requirement for Firearm Cleaner (Category)
  • Five (5) NSNs
  • Units of Issue (UI) include: 0.5 oz, 4 oz bottles; 1pt and 1 L w/sprayer; and 1 gal bottle

Contact:  Commercial 215.737.5411  •  DSN 444  

About Bio-Based Plastic Flatware:

  • Wheat based resin replaces polypropylene
  • Meets / exceeds performance standards

Learn more about Buying Green for Subsistence.

Contact:  Commercial 215.737.2756  •  DSN:  444

About Energy Efficient Appliances:

  • Food Service Equipment Group
  • Procures qualified Energy Star equipment

Learn more about Buying Green Food Service Equipment.

Contact:  Commercial 215.737.4775  •  DSN:  444

About Energy Efficient Lighting:

  • Products – LED, compact fluorescent, high-pressure sodium, metal halide and low mercury fluorescent

Learn more about Energy Efficient Lighting.

About Recycled Engine Coolant and Antifreeze:

  • Conforms with EPA guidelines; convenient package sizes​
    Contact:  Commercial 804.279.3995  •  DSN:  695
  • Antifreeze recycling equipment
    Contact:  Commercial 804.279.4654  •  DSN:  695

Contact:  Commercial 804.279.2425  •  DSN 695

About Re-Refined Hydraulic Fluid:

  • IAW A-A-59354 (for Machine Tools)

Learn more about Re-Refined Hydraulic Fluid.

Contact:  Commercial 804.279.2425  •  DSN 695

About Re-Refined Lubricating Oil:

  • Conforms with EPA guidelines;
  • MIL-PRF-2104:  grades 40W, 15W40;
  • API certified oil in your choice of 5W20, 5W30, 10W30, 15W40, 30W, and 40W;
  • Package:  Quart, 5 Gal Container, and 55 Gal Drum; and,;
  • Direct Vendor Delivery (DVD) or Closed Loop.

Learn more about Re-Refined Lubricating Oil.

Contact:  Commercial 804.279.4740  •  DSN 695

About Sorbents for Oil, Hazardous & Other Spills:

  • Pads, rolls, pillows, socks, granular, sweep
  • Conforms with EPA Guidelines for post-consumer content

Contact:  Commercial 804.279.3995  •  DSN 695

About Toner Cartridges:

  • Conforms with EPA Guidelines for remanufactured items

Contact:  Commercial 614.692.1398 or 6881  •  DSN 850  

About Vehicular Wet Battery Program:

  • Authorized customer receives ready-to-use MIL SPEC batteries via Consignment or Direct Vendor Delivery
  • Unserviceable assets removed and recycled on a one-for-one basis

Environmental Services

About DLA Disposition Services:

  • Reuse/recycling programs for DoD and other Federal agencies, including electronics recycling
  • Safe, compliant management of hazardous material
  • Cost-efficient, tailored hazardous waste contracts

Learn more about DLA Disposition Services.

About DLA Document Services:

  • Electronic Content Management
  • Scanning and Conversion
  • Printing Services
  • Office Device Management

Learn more about DLA Document Services.

Contact:  Commercial 804.279.4525  •  DSN:  695

About DoD Ozone Depleting Substances Reserve (ODS):

  • Halon and Refrigerant Recycling Program Supporting Major Weapons Systems
  • Recycled ODS requisitioned via normal Supply channels, but furnished only to authorized users
  • Excess ODS:  Turn-in required, whether Military Service or Federal Agency

Instructions for:  Requisitioning Procedures  •  Turn-In Procedures

Learn more about DoD Ozone Depleting Substances Reserve (ODS).

About DoD Shelf Life Program:

  • Resource for managing and storing DoD and GSA shelf life materiel in accordance with DoD 4140.27-M
  • Reference Service and Agency points of contact, policies, training information, and the Shelf Life Extension System (SLES)

Learn more about the DoD Shelf Life Program.

       Functional Manager – Commercial 804.279.5691  •  DSN 695
       Program Mgmt Office –  Commercial 269.961.5509  •  DSN 661
       HMIRS eM:

About the Hazardous Material Information Resource System:

  • DoD central repository for Safety Data Sheets (SDS), including HAZCOM warning labels

Learn more about HMIRS.

Contact:  Commercial 215.737.4149 or 4351  •  DSN 444

About Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution:

  • Return / disposal of expired, short-dated, recalled, and overstocked pharmaceutical products
  • Meets regulatory requirements:  EPA, OSHA, DoT. FDA, and DEA
  • Hazardous / Non-Hazardous; CONUS / OCONUS
  • Credits for many returned products

Learn more about Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution.

DLA Energy Services

Contact:  Commercial 703.767.8451 or 5872  •  DSN 427

About Energy Savings Performance Contracts:

  • Creative financing for energy efficiency upgrades and facility improvements

Learn more about Energy Savings Performance Contracts.

Contact:  Commercial 703.767.8308  •  DSN:  427

About Fuel-Related:

  • Funding of recurring environmental compliance costs (permits, spill plans at service fuel facilities)
  • Covers cleanup projects as well as compliance

Contact:  Commercial 703.767.8669 or 8523  •  DSN 427

About On-Site Renewable Energy:

Facilitates long-term contracts for on-site generation from renewable resources, e.g., solar, wind, biomass, and geothermal

Learn more about On-Site Renewable Energy.

Contact:  Commercial 703.767.8669 or 8523  •  DSN:  427

About the Renewable Energy Credit Program:

  • Environmental attributes associated with the generation of power from renewable resources
  • Helps meet Federal goals for purchasing renewable energy, Section 203, Energy Policy Act, 2005

Learn more about the Renewable Energy Credit Program.

Customer Support

For requisitioning via non-specific channels:

Toll Free 1.877.352.2255
Commercial 269.961.7766  •  DSN:  661
FAX 269.961.7791  •  DSN:  661

  • Creative financing for energy efficiency upgrades and facility improvements

Learn more about the DLA Customer Interaction Center and how it can help you.

For requisitioning via non-specific channels:
Contact DLA Customer Interaction Center or DoD’s eCommerce Platform

Buying Green (8 hour training course)

Contact:  Commercial 614.692.7038  •  DSN:  850

Visit our Training & Development website to search and register for a course.

Contact:  Commercial 703.767.5574  •  DSN 427
                 eM: (AVN-SC)

  • Supports customers and DLA supply chains in developing green products.
  • Serves as technical consulting resource on Green requirements, identification of Green substitutes and alternatives.

Supply Chain POCs:

  • Aviation:  804.279.4060  •  DSN 695
  • Clothing & Textiles:  215.737.2405  •  DSN 444
  • Construction & Equipment:  215.737.7797  •  DSN 444
  • Fuels / Energy:  703.767.8354  •  DSN 427
  • Land / Maritime:  614.692.1308  •  DSN 850
  • Medical:  215.737.0333  •  DSN 444
  • Subsistence [Supplies]:  215.737.5411  •  DSN 444
  • Subsistence [Equipment]:  215.737.2956  •  DSN 444

Take a closer look at how DLA helps support the DoD's "Buying Green" strategy.

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