Department of Defense Activity Address Directory (DoDAAD) Information

The DoDAAD is an interactive, relational database of the Department of Defense (DoD) which serves as a single authoritative source of identification, routing, and address information for authorized users, including Military Components and Agencies, participating Federal Agencies, authorized contractors, and authorized special program activities such as state and local governments. DoDAAD supports business application systems data and interoperability requirements, including (but not limited to) supply chain, materiel management, distribution, transportation, maintenance, finance, contracting, procurement, and acquisition systems. DoDAAD information is used throughout the federal supply system for identification, requisitioning, shipping, billing, and other uses. NOTE: For purposes of this SOP, use of the term “Services” throughout the remainder of this document is meant to include all Departments of the Federal Government, to include both the DoD Components as well as Federal Agencies, unless otherwise specifically stated (e.g., State and Local Governments).

DoDAAD Information

DoDAAD Policy, Procedures & Published Changes

The policy and procedures for the DoDAAD can be found in DLM 4000.25, Volume 6, Chapter 2, and are supported by various published tables and codes. Additionally, DoD Components and Federal Agencies have subordinate and complementary policies that also provide guidance on the DoDAAD

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