Turn-Ins and Transfers


Items that you would like to transfer will be sent to the State Coordinator for approval. Once approved, the State Coordinator or the LEA initiates the transfer in the "Modify" module of FEPMIS.  A LESO Representative will approve the transfer (modification) and forward the DD Form 1348-1A to the State Coordinator.


To turn-in items to a DLA Disposition Services Site (usually DEMIL items), a Change of Status (COS) action must be initiated in FEPMIS by the State Coordinator or the LEA. A LESO representative will approve the COS (turn-in), generate and sign a DD Form 1348-1A, which will be forwarded to the State Coordinator's office. After receiving the DD Form 1348-1A, the LEA must contact the DLA Disposition Services Site for a disposal date.  The turn-in DD Form 1348-1A document must accompany the property being turned in.


Demilitarization is the act of destroying the offensive or defensive advantages inherent in certain types of military equipment.  Manual 4160.21-M-1, entitled “DoD Demilitarization Manual” governs all property that requires demilitarization.

Munitions List items (MLI) is property that is listed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation, published by the U.S. Department of State (DoS).  The export of this property requires DoS approval and appropriate licensing.  There are two categories of MLI; those that require demilitarization (DEMIL), and those that do not.  A good example of a MLI requiring DEMIL is a “Peacekeeper” vehicle.

Commerce Control List Items:  Through its Export Administration Regulations, the Department of Commerce places export controls on many commodities, some of which can be obtained as DOD excess property through LESO.  The reasons for these controls include national security, antiterrorism, chemical and biological weapons, missile technology, nuclear proliferation, crime control, technology transfer, and scarcity of materials.  These regulations, in short, prohibit transfer of this property to foreign governments or non-U.S. citizens, without a validated export license.  How does this affect you?  When disposing of 1033 property, you should be aware of these regulations, and pass the information along to the agencies that have DEMIL Q property with an integrity code of 6 (Q6), as it is Commerce Controlled.  See requirements in the 2018 version of the DLA Memorandum of Agreement signed by the States and the State Plan of Operation signed by each Chief Law Enforcement Official.