AMPS Instruction Page

Account Management and Provisioning System (AMPS)

Access Instructions

If you have any questions while completing this guide please call LESO at 1-800-532-9946 or the AMPS helpdesk at 1-855-352-0001, select option number 2.

To begin: navigate to the AMPS Website and select the "Click HERE for Access to AMPS" Link.

Click "OK" on the following pop-up page.

On the following page click “First Time User? Click Here to Register"

Click "Public" user type. Even Federal Agencies will select "I am a member of the Public". If "I work for another Federal Agency" is selected then it will cause problems with access

Read and accept the DLA Privacy Act Statement page.

Enter all of your information next to the asterisks (required fields) and then click "Next".

Select 3 security questions and type in your answers. Then create a password. Please make sure you follow the rules listed to the right. An example for a password is LESO#123leso#123. Once you are finished click "Next".

On the following page, verify that all the provided information is correct and click the "Create Account" button. You will then receive your username. Make sure to save this. Now click "Login to AMPS" link to use your newly created account with provided username.

Once a user has created their account in AMPS, they now need to request the one required Role to gain access to the RTD Web System (DLA Disposition Prod - RTD Customer DDS-413).

Once back at the login screen, enter in the provided UserID and Password and click "Login".

On the main AMPS Page, click "Request Role" and click "Accept".

Verify all your information is correct and click "Next". If your information is not correct please correct it and then click "Next".

Click "DLA Enterprise Applications" and the roles will show down below .

Select "DLADisposition Prod-RTD Customer DDS-413" from the left and move it over to the right by clicking the arrow pointing to the right. Then click "Next".

Type in your justification. Example: Need for LESO Program. Then click "Next" in the upper right hand corner

Verify that all of the information presented is correct, and then click the "Submit" button.

Two emails will then be received.

The first will be a notification of the role submittal.

The second will be a notification that the role request has been approved.

When the second email is received, wait about 1 hour before trying to sign into RTD, but not more than 8 hours. Otherwise, a password reset may be required.

Also, if an error message, such as "User Authentication Failed" is received when trying to log into the RTD Web External Business Portal, a password reset in AMPS will be required.

Follow the next slides for an AMPS password reset.