Controlled Property/DEMIL Division is responsible for validation, accountability and distribution of DEMIL policy ad special processing procedures throughout DLA Disposition Services.  This Division supports the warfighter mission by coordinating long term management solutions with DOD counterparts, and ensuring compliant processing of controlled & DEMIL required property worldwide.


Controlled Property Verification Office (CPVO)

The CPVO is responsible for reviewing DLA Disposition Services property before it enters the sales cycle with the objective of preventing government-sensitive or controlled property from being released to the public.  The CPVO also focuses on analyzing the accuracy of the assigned demilitarization (DEMIL) code assigned to each National Stock Number (NSN) in DLA Disposition Services inventory as well as maintain the controlled property lists such as the F-14, NWRM, Military Camo Uniforms, and SALD.
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Small Arms Serialization Program

DLA Disposition Services SASP program manages the demilitarization of small arms weapons systems.

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eRecycling Program

DLA Disposition Services is appointed by the Department of Defense (DoD) for the implementation of environmentally sound procedures for the disposition of electronics.  Many electronic products contain hazardous materials such as lead, beryllium, cadmium, and mercury.  Our mission is to responsibly recycle and dispose of electronics in accordance with Federal, State, and local laws and DoD policies to protect national security, personally identifiable information (PII), and the environment.


JEFS Program

JPEO CBD Enterprise Fielding and Surveillance Directorate (JEFS) is the responsible DoD component for dispositions and demilitarization of all Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense (CBRN-D) Individual Protective Equipment (IPE), also known as NBC equipment. This service is managed by the JEFS Defense Accountability Reutilization and Disposal (DARD) activity. The JEFS has three areas of services for IPE, disposal/demilitarization, reutilization of Code “A” and training assets.

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Nuclear Weapons Related Material (NWRM)

NWRM items are DOD designated classified or unclassified assemblies and subassemblies identified by the Military Departments that comprise or could comprise a standardized war reserve nuclear weapon (including equivalent training devices).  In order to ensure positive inventory control of NWRM, the USAF has assumed responsibility for NWRM storage, handling, and accountability.  However, the long-term management of NWRM requires cooperation between the USAF, other agencies and DLA (including Disposition Services). 


Miscellaneous Information

Demil F Instructions  (CAC Card Only)
DEMIL Keywords/Buzzwords
MPPEH Appointment Letter Template