Demil Nuclear Weapons Related Material (NWRM)

Note: This program only assists the Military Services with disposal of Nuclear Weapons Related Material NWRM. 

NWRM items are DOD designated classified or unclassified assemblies and subassemblies identified by the Military Departments that comprise or could comprise a standardized war reserve nuclear weapon (including equivalent training devices).  In order to ensure positive inventory control of NWRM, the USAF has assumed responsibility for NWRM storage, handling, and accountability.  However, the long-term management of NWRM requires cooperation between the USAF, other agencies and DLA (including Disposition Services). 

The enclosed documents processes provide current information on the NWRM
program as it applies to DLA Disposition Services and its customers, Should a site discover  or receive an NWRM coded item, it is essential that sites immediately execute the tasks in the DLA Disposition Services NWRM SOP and DLA Instruction 1501 including any required SITREP. 

For more information please NWRM Program Manager at: