Department of Defense (DoD) Precious Metal Recovery Program (PMRP)


DoD Manual 4160.21 directs DLA to manage and oversee DoD’s PMRP. All DoD Components must participate in the PMRP to turn-in their precious metal (PM) bearing scrap into DLA Disposition Services and order any needed PM from DLA Troop Support. The PMRP offers no cost disposal for PM bearing scrap, consistent/reduced priced NSN precious metals and is fully self-funded through the program.

Precious metals include: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, osmium and ruthenium.

PMRP can also offer its services to other Federal Civilian Agencies (FCA’s) willing to participate in the program (more information at bottom of page).




How do I turn in my PM Bearing Scrap?

1. An NSN can be looked up in the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) to show a Precious Metals Indicator Code (PMIC).

    - A PMIC of A or U typically means no precious metal content

    - A PMIC of G, S, P, or C means there is precious metals content

2. If no NSN is available, we can still identify PMBM with some of the following common examples:

Circuit cards, microchips, Server boards, Graphic cards, dental scrap (gold fillings), silver batteries, F22 exterior paint/paint residues, X-ray film (used and unused), jewelry, precious metals plated materials, gold solder, and certain cyanides

3. When turning in property into Disposition Services (refer to Digital DSR for turn-in instructions), use a correct LSN and that will divert the property to the PMRP to recover the PM. Some common examples are below:

               - DS000P8EB = PM bearing Electronic scrap (as described above)

               - DS000P04B = PM bearing film (x-ray/aerial)

Feel free to contact your local Disposition Services site for further guidance and/or email We can assist in evaluating/turning in your property.


How much do Precious Metals Cost to Order

DLA’s precious metals are greater than half the cost of market priced precious metals. Offering big savings for the needed material. As an additional benefit, these prices are set starting each Fiscal Year (October 1st) and last the entire Fiscal Year giving your project price stability you can depend on. Prices can be looked up through FLIS using the following NSN’s:

  • Gold: 9660-00-042-7733
  • Silver: 9660-00-106-9432
  • Platinum: 9660-00-151-4050
  • Palladium: 9660-01-039-0320
  • Rhodium: 9660-01-010-2625

As an additional resource you can also look at Defense Acquisition University (DAU) ACQuipedia for PMRP. It will describe how to evaluate/consider using PM and best manage it for an item’s lifecycle.!570


How do I order Precious Metals?

DLA Troop Support manages/issues NSN orders of precious metals. You can contact them by going to their website This process is usually completed by contacting them directly and supplying a MILSTRIP with a valid/signed supply contract stating the authorization to order the precious metals.




FCAS Wanting to Participate

Per the 41 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 102.40, all Executive Agencies need to identify and manage their precious metal items/activities to adequately control precious metals in their custody. The CFR also allows any agency to participate in DoD’s PMRP to supplement this requirement. Participation will allow any FCA to take advantage of PMRP’s no cost disposal and access to DoD’s reserve of heavily discounted PM. Before being able to support your agency we will need an Inter-Service Agreement (ISA) in place. Feel free to send your information to as we may already have an Inter-service Agreement (ISA) in place to support your agency.