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The Construction & Equipment supply chain's Metals team provides worldwide support of bulk and precious metals, supply groups 95 and 96. We strive to be your provider of choice with what you need, when you need it, at the best value.

For more information, see our Metals Customer Guide Booklet.


Material Group Item Description
 5335   Metal Screening
 9505   Wire, Nonelectrical Iron and Steel
 9510   Bars and Rods, Iron and Steel
 9520   Structure Shapes, Iron and Steel
 9525   Wire, Nonelectrical, Nonferous Base  Material
 9530   Bars and Rods, Nonferrous Base Material
 9535   Plate, Sheet, Strip and Foil: Nonferrous Base Metal
 9540   Structural Shapes, Nonferrous Base Metals
 9545   Plate, Sheet, Strip, Foil and Wire: Precious Metals
 9610   Ores
 9620   Mineral, Natural and Synthetic
 9630   Additive Metal Materials and Master Alloys
 9640   Iron and Steel Primary and Semi-Finished Prod
 9650   Nonferrous Base Metal Refinery and Intermediate Forms
 9660   Precious Metals Primary Forms
 9670   Iron and Steel Scrap
 9680   Nonferrous Metal Scrap

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