How do I get my agency an aircraft?

Agencies wishing to request an aircraft must fill out an Aircraft Request and Justification Templates.  Agencies must also provide copies of their pilots license to ensure they have pilots rated for the type of aircraft they are receiving.  These can be found under the "Forms Link" below.  State agencies must submit these templates to their State Coordinator for approval. Federal agencies must send the templates directly to the LESO Aircraft Lead.

Can I receive an aircraft for cannibalization?

Not all aircraft received will be in "flyable" condition. Some aircraft are issued strictly for parts.

Cannibalization may be authorized on a case-by-case basis. Prior to ANY cannibalization, your agency must submit a written request through your State Coordinator and receive approval from the LESO.

How do I turn-in an aircraft?

The turn-in procedures for an aircraft can be quite lengthy, so ensure that you account for that into your planning.

First thing your agency will need to do is complete a Turn-In Request Form. Submit the turn-in request form, a brief summary, photo's and good points of contact to the Aircraft Lead for the the LESO Program.

Your agency's aircraft must then be screened within the 1033 Program for any potential recipients. If no other agency is willing to have the aircraft transferred to them, then it will be offered back to DOD. If DOD does not have a need for it, then it must be screened by GSA. GSA screens to other Federal, State, and eligible non-profit organizations. This process takes approximately 90 days. If there is no other interest, it will be put on a GSA sale for at least another 30 days. If there are no takers, only GSA can approve the aircraft to be turned into a DLA Disposition Services Site.

Aircraft Forms