Miscellaneous Programs

If you do not qualify to receive DLA Disposition Services property as a DOD, Federal, or Donation customer, you may qualify under one of these special programs.


Civil Air Patrol (CAP)

The official auxiliary of the USAF and is eligible to receive excess and FEPP without reimbursement.  Title to the property is transferred to CAP upon the condition that the property be used by CAP to support valid mission requirements.  The CAP must return unneeded property to a DLA Disposition Services site . 

DOD Contractors

The Military Service/Defense Agency Management Control Activity (MCA) is authorized to withdraw  specific excess personal property from DLA Disposition Services sites for use as GFM/Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) to support officially stated contractual requirements per the DoD 4000.25-1-M.

DOD or Service Museums

10 USC 2572 or 40 USC 481 and DoD 4160-21 M, Chapter 5 provide for DLA Disposition Services issues of DoD excess for museum use, display, or exchange. Currently, DoD or service museums may acquire items for housekeeping purposes only.  Moratorium for other items has not been removed. 

Foreign Military Sales (FMS/Grant Aid)

Foreign Military Sales (FMS/Grant Aid): DLA Disposition Services conducts the sale of excess defense articles to authorized foreign Governments. Property is issued free to grant aid eligible Countries and for the adjusted present value for non-grant-aid-eligible countries. All FMS customers are charged for PC&H. DLA Disposition Services is reimbursed for administration costs only. This program is overseen and directed by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) for the Under Secretary of Defense for International Affairs.
You may e-mail the FMS office for further questions

Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP)

As provided by Title 10, Section 2547 of the Defense Authorization Act, DLA Disposition Services provides DoD excess property consisting of items of a humanitarian assistance nature, which is then distributed to needy third world countries, as coordinated through Defense Security Cooperation Agency, Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Relief, and Mine Action (HDM) Division. For more information visit the DSCA website.

Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS)

MARS operates under the command jurisdiction of the Military Services and is an integral part of the DoD communication system.  The Military Services responsible for MARS are authorized to requisition excess and FEPP through their respective accountable officers.

Morale, Welfare, Recreation Activities (MWRAs)/Services

May requisition excess and FEPP through the servicing Accountable Officer or from the MWRAs/Services Accountable Officer if the MWRAs/Services has a DoDAAC on file with DAAS.  Items requisitioned from DLA Disposition Services sites shall be for administrative and other purposes from which no direct benefits will be realized by individuals. 

National Guard Units

Issues to National Guard units must have the approval of the National Guard Bureau or the U.S. Property and Fiscal Officer (USP&FO), or their authorized representative, for the State in which the National Guard unit is located.

Senior Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Units

Senior ROTC units of the military services may obtain excess and FEPP from DLA Disposition Services sites to support supplemental proficiency training programs.  Issues must be approved by the installation commander, or designee, normally responsible for providing logistical support to the instructor group. Issues shall be made to the accountable officer of the school concerned. 
For any questions please contact the RTD Branch