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Condition Codes This is a two character combination of the "Supply" condition code and the "Disposal" condition code.  The Supply condition code is assigned by the activity turning the property in to DLA Disposition Services.
DEMIL Codes A DEMIL Code is a code assigned to an item by the Item Manager that identifies the required demilitarization.
Disaster Relief Disaster Relief lists commodities identified for disaster support relief efforts. This site provides a list of items most commonly requested by Department of Defense, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, International Assistance efforts and State Agencies preparing for natural disasters.
GSA Excess/Surplus  Excess personal property is any personal property that is no longer required by the holding agency.  The holding agency declares the property "excess" and reports it to GSA for other federal agencies to search for through  GSAXcess. When excess personal property is not desired by other federal agencies, it is declared "surplus." It is then offered to the  State Agencies for Surplus Property  for donation.
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