The Defense Logistics Management Standards Office administers several programs that facilitates electronic data interchange of Department of Defense logistics data. The Director, Defense Logistics Management Standards Office, administers the Defense Logistics Management Standards (DLMS) and the Defense Logistics Standard Systems (DLSS) and receives policy guidance from the Deput Under Secretary of Defense (Logistics and Materiel Readiness, the Comptroller (USD(C)), the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics), and the Director, Defense Procurement (DDP). The Director, Defense Logistics Management Standards Office, receives technical guidance and supervision from the Defense Logistics Agency. The programs administered by Defense Logistics Management Standards Office are categorized below and include the associated systems used to exchange that data.

Defense Logistics Management Standards (DLMS)
The DLMS is a process governing logistics functional business management standards and practices rather than an automated information system. The DLMS provides an infrastructure for the paticipatory establishment and maintenance of procedural guidance to implement the Department of Defense's logistics policy by its user community. These programs are prescribed via DoD Directive 4140.1, Material Management Policy.

Logistics Data Administration
DoD Data administration policy requires all Components to implement data administration that promotes interoperability. The Defense Logistics Management Standards Office implements this policy at the corporate logistics data level and at a subset level, DLMS.

Defense Logistics Standard Systems (DLSS) (also known as Military Standard Systems (MILS))
The DLSS provide procedures for communicating requirements, moving material, and performing the other tasks that ensure the continuing operation of DoD's logistics system. Procedures and requirements for the DLSS and supporting Directives (for which Defense Logistics Management Standards Office manages). View the background page for more information on DLSS. Please note that the DLSS is being phased out. Deputy Secretary of Defense signed DoD Directive 8190.01E "Defense Logistics Management Standards" policy on January 9, 2015. The OSD/AT&L Functional Strategy of 2013 mandates DLMS compliance by 2019. Accountability will be enforced through the Defense Business Council's Capital Planning and Investment Control process.

DoDM 4140.01 Chartered Committees
By authority of DoD Manual 4140.01, other programs managed and committees chaired by Defense Logistics Management Standards Office are:

Joint Physical Inventory Working Group (JPIWG)
The JPIWG develops, maintains, and improves the program for DoD physical inventory control.

Pipeline Measurement Process Review Committee (PM PRC)
The PM PRC develops and maintains the Logistics Metric Analysis Reporting System (LMARS) for the measurement of logistics pipeline performance, to include logistics response time, customer wait time, and time definite delivery metrics.

Department of Defense Activity Address Directory (DoDAAD PRC)
The DoDAAD PRC implements DoD policy by establishing procedures for the roles, authorities, business rules, governance, and management process of the DoD Activity Address Directory (DoDAAD).

Cataloging Data Standards (CDS)
The CDS facilitate enterprise integration and continuous process improvement of Cataloging operations by developing and maintaining Cataloging data and transaction standards and associated procedures using a transparent, collaborative governance process.