Military Standard Transaction Reporting and Accounting Procedures (MILSTRAP) Process Flows

MILSTRAP Receipt Processing– Depicts transmitting of information about incoming materiel between ICPs and storage activities and the processing of materiel receipt documentation from the storage activity where the material is received to the ICP.

MILSTRAP Physical Inventory Control Program – Depicts the request for a physical inventory from an ICP to a supply depot, physical inventory request initiated internally by a supply depot, the reporting of physical inventory results to the ICP, and the reconciliation ICP and supply depot records.

MILSTRAP Logistics Reassignment (LR) Process – Depicts the transfer of management responsibilities from one materiel manager to another materiel manager.

MILSTRAP Asset Status Reporting – Depicts reporting of materiel asset status between ICPs and between intra-Service activities below the distribution systems and ICPs.

MILSTRAP Small Arms and Light Weapons Serial Number Registration and Reporting – Depicts the reporting and controlling of small arms and light weapons by serial number to Component and DOD Registries.

MILSTRAP Special Program Requirement (SPR), Logistics Asset Support Estimate (LASE), and War Materiel Requirements (WMR) Reporting – Depicts the SPR process for forecasting requirements for items required to support special programs or projects which are nonrepetitive and cannot be forecasted by the ICP; the LASE process for determining the ability of the ICP to support contingency or operational plans, projects and other programs; and the WMR process for submitting WMR information from the Military Departments and Defense Agencies to the ICP of the Military Departments, DLA, and GSA.

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