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For information about any of the committees or their points of contact, or to submit comments, go to our Contact Us page (add hyperlink to contact us form). Following is a list of the Process Review Committees (PRCs) and Joint Groups managed/sponsored by the Defense Logistics Management Standards Office: 

Managed/Sponsored Committees

  • DoD Activity Address Directory (DoDAAD) PRC (add hyperlink)
  • DLMS Finance PRC (add hyperlink)
    • MILSBILLS Interfund
  • DLMS Supply PRC(add hyperlink)
  • Supply Discrepancy Reporting (SDR) PRC (add hyperlink)
    • United States
    • Security Assistance
  • Pipeline Measurement (PM) PRC (add hyperlink)
  • Joint Physical Inventory Working Group (JPIWG) (add hyperlink)
  • Joint Small Arms/Light Weapons Coordinating Group (JSA/LWCG) (add hyperlink)
  • Military Assistance Program Address Directory (MAPAD) PRC(add hyperlink)
  • Defense Logistics Management Standards Office also participates or has membership on the following committees subcommittees:

    • American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12:(add hyperlink)
      • Government Subcommittee(add hyperlink)
      • Communications/Control Subcommittee(add hyperlink)
      • Technical Assessment Subcommittee (add hyperlink)
    • Defense Transportation Electronic Business [DTEB](add hyperlink)
    • Federal eBiz Site (includes Federal Electronic Data Interchange Standards Management Coordinating Committee (FESMCC))(add hyperlink)

    Contact us (link to contact us form) for further information