Quality Database (QDB)
Action Required (ACTREQ) Codes

CAGE mass (Commercial and Government Entity status changes)

Code          Explanation
F                 CAGE Obsolete.  Location of company unknown.  Reference numbers currently recorded in Federal/NATO supply system.

H                 CAGE Obsolete.  Company has been discontinued and/or CAGE/NCAGE no longer required.  Reference numbers currently
                    recorded in Federal NATO supply system.

R                 CAGE Cancelled.  Cancelled with replacement record.  Company discontinued and/or acquired/merged within successor.

GIRDER (Government/Industry Reference Data Edit and Review)

Code          Explanation
J1               CAGE code is in error (provide new CAGE code or company name and address).

J2               Production item or items were sold to a different corporation (provide CAGE code or company name and address.

J3               Entire Company was sold to a different corporation (provide new CAGE code or company name).

K                 Part number is not recognized by this Manufacturer or was never sold to anyone.

L1               Part number is in error.  Use the L1 only if the part number is formatted incorrectly, or has changed formatting, or the part
                   number has been modified, but still represents an exact duplicate of original design control item of production.

L2               Part number has changed.  Provide the new part number which represents a change from the original design control,
                   however it is fully interchangeable with the original design meets (Fit, Form and Function plus Application).

L3               Part number has been replaced.  It no longer represents the original design or production item.  New item cannot be
                   substituted for old item nor can the old item be substituted for new item.

M                Obsolete part number.  Production of this item has been discontinued.  Note:  When using this ensure all stock/assets have
                   been depleted.  Do not use this code if it represents a design control drawing and can still be manufactured even if your
                   company no longer manufactures the item.

N                Other (please provide explanation in the RNNOTES).

Note:  Permissible combinations of two GIRDER codes are:  J1L1, J1L2, J1L3, and J2L1

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