Quality Database
Activation Request (ACTREQ)

Code Explanation
B   BSM review, other
F   CAGE has Status Code of F. Location of company unknown.
H   CAGE has Status Code of H. Company has been discontinued.
J    GIRDER - Incorrect or inaccurate CAGE Code
J1  GIRDER - CAGE Code in error (Furnish new CAGE)
J2  GIRDER - Production item sold (Furnish new CAGE)
J3  GIRDER - Product line sold (Furnish new CAGE
K   GIRDER - Part number unrecognized
L    GIRDER - Incorrect or inaccurate part number (Furnish new part number)
L1  GIRDER - New PN represents exact dupe of original item of production,
or part number has changed.
L2  GIRDER - New PN represents a minor change to original PN; the new
item may be substituted as one way.
L3  GIRDER - New PN does not meet original use. No substitution can be
accomplished, either way.
M   GIRDER - Obsolete part number, production line has been discontinued.
N   GIRDER - Other (Provide explanation)
P   BSM - PID review being requested/coordinated via DLIS-X
R   CAGE has Status Code of R. CAGE cancelled with replacement.

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